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A conscious Indian homage to the Italians

One large egg, which weighs roughly 55 grams, has approximately 6 grams of high quality protein. What more you require out of life and eggs?

God I Love Eggs!!! Undoubtedly the most humble and versatile food on this planet.

Fact that will get you egg-cited: The food intake of a hen will determine the color of the yolk in your eggs.

One SUPER TIP before I continue further: If you love your eggs then always use the fresh ones, preferably the organic ones.

Now allow me to break an egg bubble for you: There is no difference in the nutritional value of a brown & white egg. So save your extra buck guys!!!


The Italians love their eggs as much as Romeo loved Juliet. Somewhere someday in Italy, eggs were being cooked in a skillet and Voilà; Frittata was born! What an epic birth that was for the entire world.


Frittata is an Italian word which roughly translates to “fried”. Seldom will you find this being served in the restaurants of Italy because it’s a quintessential home food.


I tend to get carried away with the history of different foods. So before I bug you guys up, let me now share the story of World’s Best Frittata.


So this story has got two main actors; One being me- the Culinary Artist and second is my friend cum student who lives in Toronto. The Toronto friend agrees on learning certain dishes from me (Me sitting in Dubai that time) and his first one on the menu is…Of course Frittata. Ladies and gents, this guy has got some emotional angle with Frittata and always wanted to make the best one. He tried a few times but could not come out with a masterpiece.


Let me educate you a little on this dish. Frittata is poles apart from an Omelette. Traditionally, the former starts on the flame and is finished in the oven. A Frittata involves love and patience. One needs to put his/her heart into this and see the magic unfold. It looks like a fat juicy pizza, let’s put it this way. But the fact that it is so adaptable, makes me love it every day.


So coming back to the second actor- Toronto friend. He didn’t have an oven and was unassertive on making the best Frittata. Me sitting thousand miles away, was pretty confident that a similar result can be achieved by paying a tad extra focus on the flame control. And that did the magic! What an exemplary show that was! BTW I always like to infuse Indian flavours in any dish, so Frittata was no different. I got the Toronto friend to add a pinch of fennel seeds and certain Indian spices while the veggies were cooking in the pan, which appended to the heavenly taste.


All in all it was sheer magic in the end. It was a melt in the mouth Frittata and the combined energy of both the actors produced some eye-grabbing pictures as well. 


I want you guys to love this post as much as I loved teaching this dish. Do leave your lovely comments, and I would be more than happy to start a happy conversation.


For the detailed recipe of Frittata and if willing to explore the utterly delicious Eggy World, feel free to hit me up!

Stay happy with food!!!

Until next time!



I am a Happiness Culinary Artist and Fusion Food Designer. I make people cook with a smile on their faces. Food styling & photography are my favorite picks, as a gorgeous looking dish will win half the battle.


Do you need a joyful experience with food? If you say YES then I am listening.

Reach out to me @ or just drop a WhatsApp @ +91-9711662532

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