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The evolution of Conscious is taking over, we are going from the two levels of Consciousness that we have always been playing with, Conscious Acceptance, which is a product of the mind and the belief system's reality and Conscious Awareness, which is Divine truth. Now we are being inspired to move into 5th Dimension Conscious Awareness, seeing and understanding ourselves, each other and our world and our abilities with a different perspective. This can be as easy or as difficult as we choose to make it. When we have been experiencing life on earth with limited awareness and taking life times to work our way to a more spiritual vision as a reality, (I'm not talking about religion) it may be difficult to realize that everything is in the process of change. We we are changing not only into a reality that's going to be incredibly different than anything we know or have ever experienced, so we have little or no idea of what to expect, what these new changes may be and mean and do to us. This can be scary and or exciting, the intelligent approach is,' Let the changes continue' they are going to happen anyway so choosing to go with the flow and look for and find the value of a more 5th Dimensional Conscious reality, is a feel good choice.

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