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Cisco Social Media Policy

Today, people have chances to discuss the company they work for not only between each other by on social networks as well. There are many situations when current employees and ex-workers post inappropriate information about their companies on such public sites as Twitter and Facebook. Thereafter, there was adopted a clear set of rules related to usage of social media. Social media policy is created to help workers understand what is appropriate and what is wrong. The following paper will discuss social media policy by Cisco that is a good example to other enterprises.

The document “Cisco Social Media Policy” dated April 2013 applies to every Cisco Company’s employee, contractor, or vendor who uses social networks, blogs, and other kinds of social media. The overview states that social network can be used to conduct Cisco business, while the access to social networking sites is not blocked, because employees must strictly follow the Cisco Code of Business Conduct. Certain policy statement of the document might vary due to geographical, regional, and local differences. If discussion of the official Cisco business is helpful through social media, worker must be transparent in thoughts and show their real identity. Posting of any internal, confidential, or copy written information is forbidden unless the official permission is given. The policy also mentions the rules related to LinkedIn profiling, posting abusive information, rules of engagement into media rules, etc.

What I like about this policy is that it is clear and covers many issues related to the usage of social media. It gives advice and hints how to behave. It includes clear transparency rules, which can help to avoid many misunderstandings related to the policy.

Personally, I think that the policy is good, which means there is nothing I do not like about it. However, I would maybe include more specific information related to Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter usage.

The article was conducted by a professional writer Eshley Durst, more her papers you can find at

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