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‘Can I become a walker mommy? Bus scares me!’

This day started as just another day. My alarm went off at 5.30 in the morning. I made myself a pot of tea and enjoyed it with a quick scroll at facebook updates on my phone, as every day. I made tiffin for my elder one, woke him up, got him ready, dropped him to bus stand. Assured he was safely seated I walked back home.

One job successfully done! Smiling at my younger one I thought, once you are off to school I have three hours to get back on my beauty sleep that I had now been missing for days due to work pressure.

Least did I know there were horrific events waiting to unfold.

My phone rang. It was none other than my sister. We talk everyday once in the morning so it seemed normal till she spilled the words ‘have u had a chance to read the newspaper today?’ ‘No’, I replied sheepishly. ‘What’s the news that I am missing on?’ I asked.

A 4 year girl has been molested in a private school bus. For a micro second I felt I skipped a heartbeat.

I hanged the phone and read the article. It sent chills down my nerves. My daughter travels by bus was my first concern. But alarming was that the school that came to lime light because of the incident was none other than my daughter’s school.

I panicked. I did not know how to react. I was fuming from within, but did not know where to direct my anger.

My watsapp started flooding with the images of newspaper article and comments by furious parents. A debate was on as to what action should be taken against the school authorities. After all, the incident proved that our children were no more in safe hands now.

My mind kept wandering to that little girl who was molested. I felt sorry for her. I felt sorry for all the little girls and boys who are subjected to child abuse every now n then. I felt sorry for their helplessness and their suffering, because we are raising them in a society which is not capable enough to hold back its lust for skin.

Today the society needs more healers and empaths than we need doctors, engineers or successful leaders.

We need change. We all desire some or the other change in the system. The point is how many of us think of such episodes as a wakeup call and try doing something about it? 80% out of us don’t bother. 10% who do bother are afraid to raise their voice only to save their loved ones from being a victim to such incidents. Yet another 5% dare, speak up and sit down considering the direction of the wind.

With the remaining 5% who actually try and be the change they desire, we need nothing less than a miracle.

Growing incidents, like such, because of school’s negligence has once again raised a question on the authenticity of private schools information shared with parents on the security norms.

This day will pass. The incident will soon become news. People will debate, ponder over, and then sooner than we realize it will become a matter of past.

How I wish every child could be nurtured in a safe and protected environment; so that they grow up with fond memories to travel back their memory lane.

How I wish our government had passed strict laws and punishment for heinous crimes like these, the cases of child abuse would not have been on rise.

Rather all I can wish is that may the pain and scars of this occurrence heal and disappear with time from the mind of the innocent girl who had to go through an ordeal of sexual abuse because of people who did not care enough to provide her with the right to security.

It’s a shame on the school authorities and management who risk the life of innocent children by not keeping a regular check on the safety and security measures. Though norms have been framed by CBSE for the same and authorized by the government, to be followed.

It was a true incident that took place in a moving bus of a private school last week. It came to highlight after being published in the leading newspapers.

Spread a word and stand up for the safety rights of your child.

Every child is precious and their security should be our prime concern.

Stay Alert! Stay Safe!





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