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Sometimes self esteem isn't something that you have much of at all. It might be because you are just naturally shy. It might be because you have had a series of rejections in your life that has made you feel this
way about yourself. You might have also had something happen to you
like weight gain or a scar that is making you feel bad about yourself.
Find out what you can do that will help you build self esteem.

Lose expectations of yourself when in social situations. Sometimes you put too much pressure on yourself expecting too much from social
interactions. Don't expect people to like you or want to be around you.
Just be who you are and don't expect anything.

Learn to just enjoy the moment. Let go about what might happen or what others might think. Enjoy yourself right now. The happier you are doing this, the more
confident that you will become.

Work on the issue that might be troubling you the most at the moment. If you don't like your weight, for example, try to work on this issue and improve this for you.

Fake your confidence a bit in your mind. Think about yourself feeling better about yourself and how you would act with better self esteem. This for
many helps them smile more, relax, and be more open.

Work on your non verbal skills. These are normally very limited when you are shy and embarrassed. Work on these. These will be things like how you stand,
your eye contact, and your hand movements.

Pay attention to other people when you are talking to them. Forget about what you are going to say, thinking, or doing. Forget about how you are seen. If you focus on
the person, you won't be so caught up about feeling bad about your
esteem issues.

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