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Bollywood stars on the silver screen play larger than life roles. They jump from the tallest of buildings, combat bad guys, rescue the nation and still emerging unhurt from the deadliest of situations. They dance on moving trains, diffuse the most complex of bombs, fly fighter jets without training , kill a dozen bad guys, a life where imagination is another name for reality. Infact  they behave like  a super humans!!!!

In 2012, many Bollywood stars bid their final adieu to the world. Raj Kanwar, Achala Sachdev, Joy Mukherjee, Dara Singh, Yash chopra,Rajesh Khanna, A.K. Hangal, Jaspal Bhatti and Jagjit Singh. It was shocking for  the nation to accept ,but these stars will always be missed and would be remembered for their memorable work and their contribution to the Hindi film industry. 

Bollywood is  also  facing many  controversies which have not spared politics too, like Shahrukh getting suggestions of moving  to Pakistan and the latest is Vishwaroopam.

As per Vedic Astrology Readings our country is facing strong challenges regarding social, political and economic stability. India is presently running through Sun mahadasha and Saturn antardasha .Saturn is transiting through sixth house , Jupiter and  aspecting mercury, moon, venus , sun and Saturn .Jupiter is transiting through Lagan and Rahu. Rahu is also transiting through Jupiter .Venus and moon are karaka of entertainment industry .Both are afflicted in birth chart.

Due to all this planetary combinations India will face more problems in future. Some stars may loose good friends , more controversies ,quarrels and imprisonment. Beside all this writers may pen down some memorable scripts  ,new faces will have good career options ,  internationally acclaimed films with awards.

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