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Body fat scale helps you keep healthy

The study found that when electrical signals of a certain frequency pass through the human body, the "impedance" value of the fat part is higher than that of muscles and other tissues of the human body. When using a safe electrical signal with a specific frequency to pass through the human body, the electrical signal will change to different degrees due to the "impedance" value of the human body.

Principle: Muscle contains more water such as blood, which can conduct electricity, while fat is not. Because the channel conductor of current in the body is muscle, the weight of muscle can be known from the difficulty of current passing, thus judging that in the proportion of body weight, the proportion of fat is higher for people with less muscle.

Correct health concept: a healthy body depends on the balance of fat in the body. Excessive accumulation of fat is harmful to the body and leads to various diseases. Human body fat is an important part of human body and has important functions and functions in human body, such as providing energy, protecting internal organs, maintaining body temperature, assisting absorption of water-soluble vitamins, participating in metabolic activities of human body, etc.

However, excessive fat will affect human health, leading to diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, etc. In addition, obese patients often face various troubles such as fear of heat, influence on body shape, and easy fatigue.

Therefore, doctors and experts suggest to control the body shape within a certain range. With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more attention is being paid to health problems, which also promotes the development of measurement science for human body composition.

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