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There is a body, a subtle mind and a soul. The body is mortal. The subtle mind is undead and goes through rebirth. Soul is the manifestation of god, a form of god. Ignorance causes the soul to be superimposed or overshadowed by the subtle mind and be stuck in a life and death limbo, a cylce of life and death. The cycle of life and death is as following : ignorance or avidya > impression or sanskar > embryo or vigyana > mind and body complex or naam roop > sense organs or sada yadana > sense object contact or sparsha > sense experience or vedana > thirst or trishna > clinging to the objects or upadhana > will to be born or bhava > birth or jati > jara maran or pain and death. To stop this cycle or chain of life and death the root cause needs to be removed which is ignorance or unawareness. Awareness or knowledge is the way to attain nirvana or moksha or freedom from life and death. With awareness the soul becomes part of that which is already inherent in it already - God.

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