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Advantages Of Capsule Filling Machine

The capsule filling machine has a fast filling speed and small size differences. This machine integrates powder capsule shell processing, capsule cap processing, and capsule set in one, compact and convenient. It is suitable for the production of small and medium batch filling capsules in small and medium pharmaceutical factories, health care products factories, hospitals, and clinics, such as 2-3 sets of capsules used at the same time, and also suitable for mass production. Production. It has the function of arranging and locking the capsules, reducing the fuselage and floor space. It has the advantages of being beautiful and small, meeting sanitary requirements, simple operation, convenient maintenance, low power consumption, economical and practical, etc.; it only needs one or two people to operate. The personnel do not need special training; the capsule arrangement speed is fast, the drug filling amount is uniform, and the product qualification rate is high; when different types of capsules need to be replaced, only the corresponding type of capsule filling plate can be replaced.

Empty gelatin capsule is a kind of health care product with gelatin as the main ingredient. Capsules made of gelatin as the main raw material and hollow capsules without drugs are used to fill drugs. Directly use the drip method, the steel mold method, or the rotating mold method to wrap the medicine to make a soft capsule. In order to improve the performance of the capsule and impart special functions, various additives can be added, such as plasticizers, sunscreens, slow-release, and enteric excipients, surfactants, bactericides, correctives, and pigments.

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