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Do not merely think that you are going to become great; think that you are great NOW. Do not think that you will begin to act in a great way at some future time; begin NOW. Do not think that you will act in a great way when you reach a different environment; act in a great way where you are NOW. Do not think that you will act in a great way when you begin to deal with great things; begin to deal in a great way with small things NOW. Do not think that you will begin to be great when you get among more intelligent people, or among people who understand you better; begin now to deal in a great way with the people around you NOW.

If you are not in an environment where there is scope for your best powers and talents you can move in due time.; but meanwhile you can be great where you are. Lincoln was as great when he was backwoods lawyer as when he was PRESIDENT; as a backwoods lawyer he did common things in a great way, and that made him PRESIDENT. Had he waited until he reached Washington to begin to be great, he would have remained unknown. You are not made great by location in which you happen to be, nor by the thing with which you may surround yourself. You are not made great by what you receive from others, and you can never manifest greatness so long as you depend on others. You will manifest greatness only when you begin to stand alone. Dismiss all thoughts of reliance on externals. whether things, books or people. As Emerson said " Shakespeare will never be made by the study of Shakespeare" Shakespeare will be made by the thinking of Shakespeare thoughts.

You are truly great soul when you can live with those who do things which you do not do, and yet refrain from either criticism or interference. Do the things which are right for you to do, and believe every member of your family is doing the things which are right for him/her. Nothing is wrong with anybody or anything; behold, it is all very good,. Do not be enslaved by anyone else, but be just careful that you do not enslave anyone else to your own emotions of what is right.

Light and Shine
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Comment by Ankur Agarwal on September 3, 2012 at 4:19pm

Dear Mona,

Excellent write up. It is the now which is the most important.

Now has power , because now is the arena of feeling and  letting all that is good in.

I have a question for you.?

Do we just feel good and let all that we want in our lives , or do we need to think of the things we want and then they will come to us.

Can we be generally happy every moment and attract all good things in life.

Tricky but, want a true advice from you.

Hope you will reply.


Thank you, in advance.

Love and Gratitude always


Comment by meeti batra on November 25, 2010 at 2:27pm
very truely said
bit difficult to work on
practice makes a man perfect

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