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Disease - A Curse or A Blessing By Rakhee Chaturvedi

We have been ill sometime in the past or have experienced atleast one disease in one form or the other in our life. The word disease (for the convenience of expression and understanding, I am using the word disease instead of using both the words illness and disease) does bring in a feeling of ‘dis-ease’ in our consciousness. Can we deny that? No. Now, for instance if one does get entangled with ‘dis-ease’, then what do we do? Do we curse it or take it as a blessing. How about thanking the ‘dis-ease’. Shocked… you might think that I am crazy. I invite you to take a different version to the whole perception about dis-ease. After you finish reading the blog post, I leave it to you to decide that would you take ‘dis-ease’ as a curse or a blessing.

In my personal experience, I found that it was the body’s way to guide me the new way to my well being as I had paid little heed to the body’s call when it was screaming for help. This perception of mine is very much supported as a concept by Louise Hay, Dr Bernie Siegel, Caroline Myss and many more stalwarts in the world of healing.

Ok, let’s give it a shot. Close your eyes for a minute or two. Just scan your each body part. I will ask you a few questions:

• What do you experience?
• Do you experience any discomfort or pain?
• Were you aware of it in the past or you have become aware of it now?
• How important is this body part to you? Please mention.

If you are in the category of experiencing discomfort or pain in the past, then answer the following questions:

• If you were aware of it in the past, then what have you done about it?
• Is it sufficient care and concern that you have shown to your body?
• If not then, what is your future strategy in regards to it?
• When will you start taking action?

If you are in the category to get aware of your discomfort or pain now, then answer the following questions:

• What is your experience?
• What is your understanding of your experience?
• What are you going to do about it now?
• What changes will you make in your life in regards to the present scenario?

Give yourself sometime before you conclude to write your answers. Have you ever listened to your body in this manner? Did this thought ever cross your mind, “I wish I had been more careful” or “I wish I had not neglected” so on and so forth. Once we start listening to our body, we can then surely start taking care of it, leaving the old way and adopting a new way to take care of it.

The other two very important components come forth. Firstly, it is recognizing the value that part has in our functionality. We start respecting that part of our body. Secondly, we have sense of gratitude towards the whole body. We get aware that how senselessly we have been brutally misusing our body till now. Once we live a restricted life, we start valuing the simple things that are possible to do.

I speak the above mentioned fact based of my personal experience. As I was going through my physical discomfort of excruciating pain and disability in my shoulder, knee and other body parts, I started valuing simple things like walking, sleeping, wearing clothes, using my limbs etc in my day to day routine. I knew in the past that health is wealth; today I understand what it means. Let us also understand that our body is a wonderful machine and one of the most beautiful creations of nature. It has a great capacity to bear misuse and equally great capacity to heal. Today, I am a live example for myself. I am much fitter and healthier than I have been in the last decade. Here I am living a dream of decades in the form of the work I do today of coaching, mentoring and facilitating people to live empowered lives, leaving behind a successful career.

‘Dis-ease’ came as a blessing in disguise for me. I perfectly understand that my body is a vehicle to achieve things in my life and I want to value what I have received as a gift. Now, I ask you again that would you take ‘dis-ease’ as a curse or as a blessing. I would love to hear your responses and enrich each other’s life by sharing.

“If you want to turn your life around, try thankfulness. It will change your life mightily.”   -Gerald Good


Rakhee Chaturvedi

Rakhee is a certified Personal and Professional Coach and a certified Master Spirit Life Coach with accreditation from Certified Coaches Alliance in Canada. She is an Advanced NLP practitioner with certifications in NLP Health and Gestalt Therapy. She is also an administrator of Extended DISC, a psychometric personality pro-filer that is based on the popular DISC, with more in depth reports of various functional areas. Rakhee is also a certified Theta Healer.

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Comment by Sanjeev Sharma on November 24, 2012 at 3:48pm

100% agreed.I knew all of it already but it was conceptual only.During last two months I have experiencing the same.I did listen the call of my body but always ignored it.But now I have started heeding to the call.:)Thanks to the article to re-alive my commitment.

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