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2102 : 2012

Science or Spirituality, Science Vs Spirituality, Science of Spirituality and Spirituality in Science are all transient perceptions of the ever evolving human mind. The unchanging truth is that Science and Spirituality are two different views of the singular unifying thing called Existence, which was, and still is, manifested by God.

Science is the masculine aspect (Shiva), a finer vibration of thought, and Spirituality is the feminine aspect (Shakti), a denser vibration of being. These energies exist at the megacosmic, marcocosmic and microcosmic levels of our very own dimensions of existence. Though this may seem a great expanse, it is still, a small range in the entire spectrum of God. All human beings have Shiva and Shakti energies within them (The Holy Merkaba / Yin and Yang) which are easier to perceive at the macrocosmic level (the senses) of perception. A person uses their pre-dominant energy most of the time to view existence. 

Blessed are those who balance Shiva and Shakti at all these levels by moving in and out of them, as need be, for they see Existence through the eyes of God. They are our teachers of Unity Consciousness. 

Love and Gratitude to all ye, Bringers of the Dawn, in this special time 2102 | 2012 of the phasing out of the old energies of Separation and the phasing in of the new energies of Unity. A warm welcome to the energies of the Photon Belt and the Great Central Sun!

Do meditate tonight (20 Feb) on the above theme between 11pm to 1am. Time zones and locations on the planet do not matter. The energy wave of change passes each one at 12am local time on 21 Feb.

Light, Love and Peace to All.

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