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March 2015 Blog Posts (8)

Master Facilitator
Advantages of Astral Projection - Dr. Sandeep Bhasin

  Many friends have asked me what are advantages of Astral projection.  I will like to share with you my understanding about this topic

  • Astral projection gives you first hand experience that  we are much more than this physical body. Once you have an experience of being in Astral body and separating from Physical body you can understand that we can continue to…

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Master Facilitator
Do we have Taste for food after we Die ?


Once before Astral Projection I had a strange thought ' Do We have Taste after we Die' 

I dismissed this thought and proceeded with my practice of astral  projection.   I was in deep trance and started having signs of Astral Activation. Normally this is Buzzing sensation in body .…


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A love story


We are constantly being reminded to love our self and then share our self love with as many others as we can. What we are doing by focusing on love, is becoming more and more consciously aware of the stuff that we are created from, love. The Divine Matrix, the energy that everything in existence is created from is love, love is the cohesive force of all creation, which of course means we are all a product and particle of love, we just don't think we are. We are really an unconscious…


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A simple way to change your life

When we choose to…


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Emotiona; Awareness

Most of us have…


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Conscious Awareness

The evolution of…


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Time to get healthy

God helps those who help them selves, is a statement I've heard from many people all of my life. Now is an excellent time to really understand what that statement really means. If we consider that God is Spirit and Spirit is Conscious Awareness and that Spirit is One and Indivisible and a part can not be where the whole is not then, this means that as we are a part of this Oneness, we are perfectly imperfect. Now by brining Free Will to this we reality, that we chose to be born as a human,…


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Master Facilitator
My Astral Lessons

  Today morning I woke up at  4 a.m and decided to start my Astral Projection Practice. I took my laptop and went to my basement. Early morning is best for these practices  and in my experience my maximum out of body experiences have been when I started my practice at 3- 4 a.m in morning. I call it Golden Period for practice of Astral Projection. I selected my special…


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