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February 2014 Blog Posts (9)


JOIN US ON THE 1-2 MARCH AS WE PREPARE TO TAKE YOU ON A MAGICAL JOURNEY WITH YOUR ANGELS will be learning to safely Regress into your past , to know, to correct and to heal all levels while the Angels happily consecrate and manifest your new vision for you .... Bond with and Receiving the Loving…

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Each one of us is born with a HOT LINE  to HEAVENS installed within us.  The only difference between an ordinary person and a Known Psychic is the awareness of this fact. An ordinary person has been using it without awareness whereas a Psychic has been using this faculty with total awareness. But in both the case - the HOT LINE was available to them.

Working with…


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Master Facilitator
Transformation is not a resting place

"The only transformation that is sustainable is the one from the inside out. It creates permanent change that can strip away years of worry to create vitality and vigour. Transformation only focused on outward appearance is temporary, like make up. Become an inner plastic surgeon sculpting away the unessential layers, ego patterns, emotional hooks, limitations, fears, false identities and notice what remains. When faced, face to face with the mirror of truth I wonder what is really…


Added by Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri(PhD) on February 20, 2014 at 7:19am — No Comments

dot and lines

Everything thought, conceived ,perceived or believed is just another line between two dots in an imagined space and time.

That is what ‘maya ‘is,  ones relative perception , the dot giving birth to a line is imagined to be the 'self 'and the other dot, the object of perception at an imagined space and time concept.

   Thus every same thing is also a different line emanating from a different dot, different self…


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Sex and Beyond

He is toothless and he is sixty,

And he is haunted by the time,when he used to walk swiftly 

And he is still enmeshed

In the desires of flesh 

So must he copulate, 

They say, it's never too late!

Every word has a varied meaning to varied people, It is dependant on their past experiences and knowledge of that word. Though the word also carries with it ,its common cultural meaning and representation. …


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Master Facilitator
Myth No.1 about love that could be crippling your relationships - Jane Kirby


“Myths about love that could be crippling your relationships.”


There are 7 strong myths… and today we…


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The Power of Inspirational Storytelling

" Storytelling means revealing something beyond self-congratulations" Michael's tweet in early 2013 had set me thinking. I was also seeking a path to evolve myself (to higher emotions) and I found a goldmine called 'Inspirational storytelling'. 

More was coming, in fact Michael would change my life forever in 2013........for the bette.
Read more here:-…

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Master Facilitator
Why You Should Attend a Workshop or A Seminar?

There are plenty of reasons why one should attend a seminar or a workshop. The primary reason is that seminars or workshops are the fastest and effortless ways to acquire critical information that can help you in your job. In few sessions, seminars fill us in on…


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Awarenes the miracle

There is a body, a subtle mind and a soul. The body is mortal. The subtle mind is undead and goes through rebirth. Soul is the manifestation of god, a form of god. Ignorance causes the soul to be superimposed or overshadowed by the subtle mind and be stuck in a life and death limbo, a cylce of life and death. The cycle of life and death is as following : ignorance or avidya > impression or sanskar > embryo or vigyana > mind and body complex or naam roop > sense organs or sada yadana… Continue

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