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January 2015 Blog Posts (7)

Self Denial

Self denial is the enemy of abundance, the simplest expression of self denial is ' YA BUT', we need to change 'YA BUT' to 'YES AND'. Yes and is a form of acceptance, it leaves the door to abundance open to possibilities of new developments. Everything is an energy expression and energy follows intention. We are constantly using energy, every time we chose to think, speak, feel and act. we are using energy and what we do with our energy at that time,comes back to us it's magnetic. Most of us…


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Master Facilitator
Effortless Awareness Meditation

meditation.xspf.docx ;I was meeting my friend  Monica. She was sharing the toll life had taken on her.

'Phoo ! I am stressed. My relationships are in turmoil and all my plans to purchase my new house are gone for…


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Master Facilitator
Law of attraction - Dr. Sandeep Bhasin

Do you believe in Law Of attraction ? I asked  my Friend Dr. B

No, I don't  believe in Law of Attraction.  I live  and breath  by  Law of attraction." Dr. B replied. 

What do you mean, Can you clarify? I asked him inquisitively 

"Let me tell you my story " Dr. B replied.

 I had known Dr. B as my colleague  for many years. He was…


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Master Facilitator
Blessings of Death

   It was 30th December night  and I was in a marriage function. I got a call from Chennai that my brother , who had been waiting for liver transplantation has got a cadveric Donor i.e some one who has died in accident or sudden death is donating liver. I booked my urgent flight and next day I was in Chennai. Surgery lasted for 15 hours and luckily he did very well. I met him after 15 hours ordeal and  he was smiling very confidantly. Next day  I went to see him and he was sitting and very…


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Preparation for abundance

Since 2015 is a year of abundance, it is important to identify and remove any conscious and perhaps hidden, subconscious or unconscious blockages that we may have, on accepting the abundance that will be readily available to us through this year. For those of you that are in India and especially in Pune and surrounding areas, our Personal Life Coaching and Training workshop that is from the 12th through the 24th (see the poster posted below) is a good idea to consider…


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Message from the Masters---- THE UPS AND DOWNS -THE PRO 'S AND CON'S

Message from the Masters----


With so much information and spiritual activity around; what does one do??? what can one do???? what must one do??? in order to benefit....

well !!! The answer is ........DO NOTHING...JUST BE PRESENT

When we allow ourselves to detatch from the…

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