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Transformational Coaching with Indroneil

Email to or call +91-92427 73969

for an introductory Skype session of 60 minutes.

“I am only offering you the truth, nothing else. And the truth is, You are meant to be all that you desire, you are meant to be living the life you always wanted to live, you are meant to be the One.

 You were born to transform and realize your full potential and avoiding it with cosmetic makeovers and temporary fixes is a serious misdemeanor.

I am here, born to accompany you in your journey of transformation -  from a chrysalis to a butterfly, from feeling constrained and bound to enjoying bountiful freedom of living and loving, from surviving in the shadow of scare and scarcity to creating a space of hope and abundance.”


Transformational Coach

Mentor, Mystic & Missionary





Do you sense restlessness, a certain inner discontent with things around you?

Does it all sometimes seem futile and purposeless, despite; on the face of it everything seems to be hunky dory?

Do you seem to have hit a dead end – be it in your job, in relationships or in life as a whole?


Do not fret and run for a fix. That’s what you have been doing and thereby postponing something awesome…

… your awakening, your transformation, your evolution!

I am reaching out to you to show the world which you are meant to create and live in.

“The person I am getting to know in me today versus what I was before my engagement with Indroneil - I believe in myself now;  I do not and will not allow anyone to walk all over me and get away with it, leaving me feeling all drained and helpless.  Today, my view about my relationship with every situation in my life is just that - a view.  I am able to live and experience every situation rather than drag through it or struggle with / resist it” ~ Kausar

“The transformation helped me more to bring back a belief in myself and also coming to terms with some of my limitations and ambitions. The most important transformation which happened was that belief that “I am what I am” and not what others think of me. People like me and respect me for some of my inherent strengths. I now know that some of my fears I had about me and myself are much unfounded and do not matter at all.” ~Anjan

“I felt that I was not being able to live the life that I wanted to. I was restless and dissatisfied with my context and somewhere knew that I had it in me to be able to get out of it. All I needed was someone to guide me and hold my hand. In the time that I have known and engaged with Indroneil as a Transformational Coach, I have seen that anything that he shares or guides or gives insights on has come from his own very personal experience. He is not experimenting with other peoples' lives.” ~ Puja

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