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[ This is slightly longer article, hence, may require some patience to read ]

Kaal Sarpa Yog : Its relevance or irrelevance in Astrology !

• When, in a birth-chart, all other seven planets are placed in between Rahu & Ketu, it is stated to be the presence of ‘Kaal-sarpa yoga’ in the horoscope. 

• It has been stated in some texts that the effect of Kaal-sarpa yog, a dangerously malefic yoga, remains till the age of 47 years and sometimes throughout life; and, a person having this yog in his horoscope faces problems of instability in his life, defamation, problems in Progeny, mental disturbances. It has also been stated in some texts that a person affected by ‘Kapsarpa Yog’ will see Pythons and Snakes in his dreams(!) In some texts a diagonally opposite effect has been stated about Kaal-Sarpa yog. It has been stated that the presence of ‘Kaap-Sarpa Yog’ makes the native very courageous and practical; and, ‘Kaal-sarpa yog’ makes their personality very impressive.

• In all, there have been contradictory statements about ‘Kaal-Sarpa Yog’, particularly in India. It is not out of place to mention here that the classical texts on Astrology do not find mention of ‘Kaal-Sarpa Yog’ as stated in various books/Magazines nowadays.

• To have an in-depth understanding of the so-called ‘Kaal-Sarpa Yog’, we need to understand the Ascending and Descending Nodes of Moon, known as Rahu and Ketu.

Let us first understand what are Rahu & Ketu :

• Sun, apparently, moves around the Earth. The path of this apparent movement of Sun is called Ravi Kranti Marg (Vrit). We also know that Moon revolves around the Earth. The Ravi Kranti Vrit and the path of Moon’s revolution around the Earth are not parallel; and, intersect each other. In the process of its revolution, the Moon crosses Ravi Kranti Vrit from the below and goes upward (ascends); and, on next occasion, Moon crosses Ravi Kranti Vrit from the above and goes downward (descends). These ascending node and descending node are called Rahu & Ketu respectively. These two points of reference have no physical body, no mass whatsoever and no shadow of their own. Hence, Rahu & Ketu are not natural planets nor any shadowy planets, these are only reference points created because of intersection of Ravi-Kranti-Vrit by Moon’s revolution around the Earth. The following picture will further clarify the phenomenon of Rahu & Ketu:

• What we see in a horoscope is a two-dimensional picture of planet-position which may give an impression that other planets are situated in between Rahu & Ketu; whereas in actual Sky there are more than two dimensions. Each planet has its own revolution-path which is neither uniform nor parallel to Celestial – equator and have their own varying Altitude and Azimuth.

• If we observe closely, we come to see that the phenomenon leading to creation of Ascending Node and Descending Node is created by other inner planets as well. The transit or passage of a planet across the Surya-Kranti-Marg take place in respect of the inner planets Mercury and Venus as well, in addition to Moon. On the average, there are 13 transits of Mercury each century. In comparison, transits of Venus usually occur in pairs with eight years separating the two events. The following is a picture of Venus transiting Surya-Kranti-Vrit. 

Photograph of the Transit of Venus on 1882 Dec 06.

• There have been instances when four bodies (planets) are lined up. One such case occurred on March 21, 1894 at around 23:00 UTC, when Mercury transited the Sun as seen from Venus, and Mercury and Venus both simultaneously transited the Sun as seen from Outer planets.

• It may thus be seen that it is not only Moon which intersects Surya-Kranti-Vrit but this Vrit (Circle) is also intersected by Mercury and Venus as well whereas no significance is given to the same intersection by Venus and Mercury, by the Astrologers. Probably, it is non-awareness of this astronomical fact or its astrological effects. It is a fact that the events like creation of Nodes (Ascending or Descending) keeps going on at regular intervals by planets, Mercury and Venus also, which mostly goes un-noticed due to lack of knowledge.

• The name [Kaal-Sarpa] given to this phenomenon is so terrifying as if the native had committed a severe-sin in his last birth that led to presence of Kal-Sarpa-Yog in the horoscope. It has been stated in some texts that the positive effects of all other planets, when these are placed in one side of Rahu & Ketu, get nullified and to get the desired positive effect of the planets, certain remedial measures (pooja etc) need be taken. It has however, been seen that the above notion is not based on facts. The native born in this combination of planets have been seen to be very successful, the world over. 

• Astrologically speaking, the yogas are a set of specific permutations & combinations of planets with respect to their placement, exchange and their aspects, mutual or otherwise. It does not seem to be logical to create a yoga (specifically Kaal-sarpa yoga) which is not based on placement/exchange or aspects of planets but their being hemmed/locked between two reference points. Therefore the so-called Kaap-sarpa Yog does not withstand this scrutiny. 

• I would like to add here a small story which goes like this: 

• A sculptor carved out a very beautiful and a lively sculpture. The King made a visit to the place and came across that sculpture. Impressed by the beauty and liveliness thereof, the King praised the sculptor and said, “ You have made a lively sculpture out of a dead stone”. The sculptor said, “I did not make anything, Sir. This beautiful and lively picture was already there in the stone. I merely removed the excess of the stone and this beautiful sculpture appeared.” 
This story reminds me of the same what has happened to Astrology, particularly in India. The excess of stone needs be removed to present the true and scientific picture of astrology. With the passage of time, astrology has acquired a few irrational concepts which are otherwise not a part of the classical texts on astrology. In some cases which were given little importance or which could find only a mention in classical texts, their so-called negative effect has been unnecessarily exaggerated.

• There is no reason to panic in the name of Kaal-sarpa Yoga. This yoga does not find mention in original-classical texts of Astrology. This combination has been found to be present in the horoscopes of many national and internationally famous personalities like Pandit Nehru ji, Sachin Tendulkar, Dhirubhai Ambani, Margaret Thatcher and many more.

• This combination does not have any impact, negative or otherwise, on other planets in any manner. Every planet is to be considered individually in relation to its placement, exchange, aspect, divisional charts, dasha, transit etc are also to be examined in a scientific manner for purposeful assessment of the chart.

• I hope this clears the doubts and un-necessary fears prevalent in the name of Kaal-Sarpa Yog.

• The presence of this combination in a horoscope does not call for any pooja nor any remedy, whatsoever.

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