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Robert Luthra

2012 Transition / Ascension


2012 Transition / Ascension

This group is for discussing everything related to transition to the Golden Age, Humanity's Ascension, the Awakening process, opening up to who we really are, our Galactic Family, new technologies, free energy and more.

Everyone should watch the video 'I Know My Galactic Family Is Here. Do You?'. 

I am a part of which is a very popular site and forum worldwide.  I am interested in starting a New Delhi/Gurgaon group since I am living here in Gurgaon.

Location: Gurgaon
Members: 6
Latest Activity: Jan 26, 2016

Some Background Information

Please go through the following information and it will help you awaken and you will have a better understanding of what on Earth is going on..  We are going through the Disclosure process and learning more about our Galactic family.   Every day we are learning more and more of who and what we are. 

The following are just some links to basic info that will help you come up to speed very quickly.

1) I highly recommend everyone should watch the Thrive movie and also Zeitgeist which are both in videos section of front page of New Age Foundation site if you haven't done it.

2)  There is a radio show going on every weekday by dedicated Lightworkers.  All the previous radio shows are available at this link.  Please go here:   Once you start listening to the shows there, you will want to listen to every one!  I listen to them in the background while doing work on my computer. 

3)  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you listen to the audio of Roswell Captured Alien Being interviewed - Secret leaked documents. Click here.  Are you familiar with what happened in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947?  The newspapers reported that a UFO flying disk had crashed and they had recovered it.  The next day they reported that it was actually a weather balloon. 


For 60 years, the authorities have kept the information secret.  However in August of 2012, a recording has been uploaded on Youtube that YOU MUST listen to if you want to understand what on Earth is going on.  It will blow you away.  This is a 4 hour audio and I listened to it in the background while doing other work.  I recommend you download it onto your mp3 player if you can, but do listen to this. At least listen to the first 1/2 hour and then you'll make time for the rest.

All I can say is that I have been innately spiritual since childhood.  I have read hundreds of books, have followed many spiritual paths also, but no one has given me the understanding of what is going on like this Roswell alien interview.  That is why I recommend you must make time to listen to this!  Your world view will be turned upside down by this and you will have no choice left but to awaken.

4) Please watch this 3 minute video titled "Will Smith's Son Asks Obama About Aliens!"  Most people in power are aware of what is going on.

5)  If anyone you know is not open to the fact that something major is going on to our world soon, please give them this link and this will give them a huge wake up call!  It is titled "While You Were Sleeping" by Hopegirl.  Hopegirl comes from the financial field and details what is going on in the financial world also.

6)  If you want more, join 2012Scenario discussion group on Yahoo Discussion Groups.  Look for 2012Scenario group.

The above information forms the basis for our group but there is lots more info coming soon.  Please let me know if you like it.  Add your comments below.


It is my understanding that the number 1 thing we can be doing at present is awakening ourselves to the truth (going through the above info is a start), stop watching TV and help awaken others.  I have been sending the below email to everyone.  Feel free to use the same or modify it.

Subject:  Imp. Message for our world.  Please help us take this message viral.

This is EXTREMELY Important regarding peace and prosperity in our world!

Please watch this 18 min video
"I Know My Galactic Family Is Here, Do You? (UFO Disclosure)"
Also see this Will Smith video that answers the question
Does Obama know our Galactic Family are here?

This is regarding the Full Disclosure of our Galactic Family that is happening very very soon. These are benevolent ETs who want nothing but the
evolution of all humanity and peace through evolving consciousness of humanity and higher technology, free energy, etc.  Please watch the 2 videos above with an open mind and spread this to others also if you feel motivated. They don't want chaos and fear so the disclosure will be a process over a period of time as more and more people understand the truth of their existence.

The adverse element on our planet that are responsible for the current Arab Winter and also 9/11 are soon going to be out of here which will be brought about by the evolution and awakening of humanity.
Now a little more about myself.  My real name is Bhuvanish Luthra.  I returned to India a little over a year ago from USA.  I have lived in the US over 25 years.  I go by the name Robert in America and online and am just used to it.  I have been innately spiritual since childhood.  I know now that I am a Starseed.  My understanding is that there are millions of people who were called to this planet from the various Universes to help in the transition to the Golden Age.  Many are still not aware of it as yet because they are still asleep.  They will find their mission soon.  Most people who are on this board and in 2012Scenario are either Lightworkers or Starseeds.  Starseed means you feel like a foreigner most of your life and one thing you identify with most is Spirit.  You are also very interested in new technologies, space technologies, etc.  They come natural.  (You can read more about Starseeds on .)  Everyone on the Earth has their roots in various planets.  The only difference is how much time you have spent on the Earth or are you new to the Earth and just came here for the transition?   I live here in Gurgaon with my wife and daughter.  I would love to do some meetups with like minded souls to talk about the 2012 transition and make some new friends.

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Comment by Lion Of Arcturus on May 30, 2013 at 9:09pm

Hello Robert! Great to know that other Indians and people of Indian origins are opening up to the concept of being starseeds. I'm mostly Arcturian but have connections to Andromeda and Sirius too.

Please do share your origins as well. Let's get this group on the road, brother!

Comment by Aravind Kumar on September 24, 2012 at 9:21am

Wonderful Robert, this should open the eyes of many individuals and help them transit.


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