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It is a scientific fact that the brain of females is differently  configured  than that of males. It can perform parallel activities, communicate better and is more in touch with emotional aspects of things. But the roles being played by women in modern world, specially in the field of politics and as housewives leave  much to be desired.

Is it because men are not as strong as they were before ?

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While it is true that men have moved more into specialized zones such as programming, arts , science, engineering and medicine, their capability to strike a chord across masses is not showing up so much as before. We are not getting Gandhi and Nehru for quite long.

But, we haven't got a Sarojini Naidu or Mother Teresa either. So, I guess it's to do with individuals and not the sex of the individual. Women are better at "language skills" as their brain are better attuned to it and the language centres in a woman's brain are more active than a man's.
you do agree women have a better faculty of talking across and could be one reason for their quick social skills. But how in the world did they come by it?. As per their key role in the family for providing the initial nurturing of the baby, the faculty  might have evolved over the years. Women are now moving out from the confines of family and claiming social and political space. The emotional intelligence is working--- ?

agree with Monica, but mind all of that even they may have personal life which is not know to us ! and they all had right and that should be apprecaited 


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