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I take care that others are not hurt emotionally, I take care that everyone who's working under me is happy, I take care to  help people financially when they are in dire need of money, I take care not to humiliate anyone, I take care that I’m there when people need me and in case inadvertently I hurt anyone I make every effort to rectify my mistake.

Still these people cheat,  lie, steal and insult me at times. ‘These people’ sometimes are my relatives, sometimes domestic help, sometimes my employees. Why this happens to me? This is a question I’ve been asking to me so many times. There is a proverb- As you sow, so shall you reap. But it proves wrong here as I know how much I care for everyone. Then why same people turn out to be so rude, insensitive and self centered?

It's difficult to differentiate between good and bad as these are perceptions which differ according to one's parameters. But if we simplify the definitions then good is something which do not harm anyone in anyway and bad is what harms. Then my question is - why bad things happen to good people? And when this keeps on happening then one will lose some part of his/her goodness, become insensitive and lose trust in others. This is what happens with me at times.

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saja aur pareeksha ! are they not our own creations? I dont feel that god is punishing us testing us or any such thing... Its only cause and effect that makes the world go around. but this is my view an i m not an expert like so many learned ppl here but i felt like expressing so i did . i will want more people to throw some light on this. thanks

Be thankful to those people, who caused you most upset. They are the one, who forced you to face "yourself".

Your query needs a detailed answer...You see if you are trying to find the answer to all the injustices happening to you in this life you will never find any justification. This is not the only life you've had and the life you are having just now is the one which you have designed at a soul level. The experiences that you are currently having are the experiences that you chose to go through in your pre birth discussion with your Spirit Guides. 

When you die and go through the After Death review the life that you have just lived and evaluate the lessons learned and the lessons that still need to be learned. Based on the learning requirement you (with the help of the light beings/spirit guides) you will draw the entire plan for your next life. Think of it as a form which is asking questions like: What kind of parents, friends, husband/wife, events, relations, accidents you need to learn the lessons for the next life. You will make your choice on that form and a life based on your requirements will be planned and you will be shown the similar plans out of which you will select the best plan (the one that you consider to be the most suitable to teach you the lessons you need to learn - Kindness, compassion, forgiveness etc.).

Trouble is that when you are a soul you are all powerful and the life on earth seems to be like the fraction of a second. You  agree for a tough life as you are eager to complete all the lessons and go back to being Pure Soul/Spirit/Paramatma. \

Once you've come on the earth...the knowledge that you are the all powerful Soul and not this flesh Body is taken away and you know yourself to be just the body and since you now know this body to be the ultimate reality, all the pain and misery become unbearable and magnified since you cannot see any justification to what is happening. What is hurting you is not the events and people but your perception of injustice. 

Truth is there is no injustice in the Universe...and you always have free will to make a choice. Even the Karma does not bind you once you are enlightened and understand the whole cycle. Although you have chosen and literally written down this life that you are living right now...because you believe some other force to be deciding it for you find it unjust.

Take a closer look at the ones whom you believe to be unjust to you ....investigate their lives and circumstances and you will find that they are only acting out of what they have experienced in this life and are a byproduct of those experiences and it will be so clear to you that you will hold nothing against them and once this feeling of injustice is gone you will be at peace with it all....

Please do not try to please others. Listen to your natural rhtym.


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