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What is more important & why?


1. Discovering the purpose of life.


2. Living a life of purpose.

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Discovering the purpose of your life and living in accordance with that purpose makes your life worth living. It gives you true joy to walk the path of your life :)

The truest purpose of your life is just Being. All the Doing is a part of the purpose and comes from the Being of you or the essence of you or what we call the Presence. The purpose is quite irrelevant when one is dying. One does not think about what they did in their life as a purpose, but how happy they were or what were their most cherish moments when their Being was expansive and joyous. All the purpose that one picks is a to get to these moments of expansion of Being. It is those moments when we are beyond the mind/ego and we know we are something more. I guess the purpose gets picked accordingly. If there is not joy in the purpose, it is futile. Working towards a goal may get you something. But there is nothing to get from it really as you are whole and complete and nothing can complete you more than what you are nor lessen you from what you are. All goals are to be taken lightly. if we become serious and attached to our goals and purpose, the ego is strengthened and we forget our true Being. We come here I supposed to experience all those areas and things to do which expand our essence. Now how much FUN is that?! Isn't that the most joyous thing to do? Just BE, laugh and not get serious and attached!! How does it get any better than that!

Do we have a purpose in life..........?

" i have been told, that I have a soul"

we are conditioned to believe that there is purpose in life...(involution) and that is

the tragedy, there starts the division of life which is unitary, into what one actually is  and what one wants to be

(some spiritual goal in future)........and that is the birth of misery which is propelled by giving further momentum to thoughts...

all  SPIRITUAL business thrives on  throwing a purpose...a destination non - existent


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