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What is more important & why?


1. Discovering the purpose of life.


2. Living a life of purpose.

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dear sandeep thats a tricky one ;we have to discover the purpose to live with.jeene ke rah paata lag jaye to jeena aasan ho jaata hai nahi to insaan kitna samay batakta rehta hai;
Bhatakna accha hai :-) Osho says Atko mat, Bhatko !
Discovering the purpose of life is more important because once it is discovered you start living for this purpose. The purpose of life is known through the knowledge of "who am I"


I think, Living a life of purpose is more important..

As we are given this Life by ALMIGHTY .... we live all the phases and the time when we start knowing ourownself, we already had lived a good part of life..

If, we will aim to live a life of purpose in true and real sense with all devotion and dedication, we will automatically discover the purpose of our life.


The time we spend in discovering our purpose in life is what I call living a life of purpose.
very true...indeed
Oh! very nicley put Sandeep....I agree.

Hi Sandeep, nice topic indeed but I feel both are interlinked. You can't live a life of purpose unless you discover your purpose in life. Living a life of purpose similarly couldn't be if we don't enjoy what we do. And we can only enjoy what we do when we know what we are made to do. Please also see the topic posted by Neelam- how to discover our pupose on earth.

Thanks for sharing....

Discovering the (deeper/real) purpose of life will merit over living a life of mundane (if) purpose.

Above is on basis of SQ over IQ. Spiritual quotient over & Intelligent quotient. 


Pls elaborate question further if query differs.

the purpose of your life is to serve in a way that brings joy to yourself and to others

dont worry about 'Finding' your purpose, rather serve a purpose and it will serve YOU!

The Purpose of your life is just to live a life of purpose :-)


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