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What is Spirituality? I would request all of you to give your views on this. So many times I've asked this question to myself and others but people perceive it differently. Dictionary definitions too can't express this word completely as it has a vast meaning and its depth has yet to be explored.

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spirituality is something hard to understand .i think its somehow related to meditation , prayer and ones personal equation with ones deity. it is not philosophy it is how you relate to the world and all living things
Just being in the moment... All judgments come from the past which is not and all worries come from the future which is not yet.. The present moment is all that is and its bliss...
Spiritual is only a word with connations. One could be a realized being without education or language.
Spiritual and material are both the same, neither can exist without the other. One cannot deny either.
Instead of using the term spiritual I would say Life, were the body mind and soul exist simultaneously.
Life is a totality. Everything is interdependent on the other.
Life is living in harmony with yourself and with others.
Life is simple. Do away with all ideas, judgements, criticisms, knowledge, names, terminology.
What is left?

Spiritualism is to go within self and listen to the silence, which makes us listen what words can't. it makes us deal the very basic quest WHO AM I ??. when we are able to connect to THE SELF, we may realize the ULTIMATE and DIVINELY ALMIGHTY ALLAH and all other souls which are all part of that INFINITE... 

Spirituality is a path for a mind searching for reality, and thought/activity of a soul after finding the reality.

Again an ideal religion is that, which pushes/drive a mind to that path.


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