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It say that every one has come on this Earth with some purpose, but how to know it?? And if not known what is the meaning of this life, why do we live this meaningless life???

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Hallo Dr Vikas Khanna, I agree with you. once we realize the nothingness, we will know the worth of the soul n meaninglessness of this worldly trifle affairs.

After a lot of efforts ad struggles on the road of path of discovery,I  Found out, I am here on this earth ,to guide others through their miseries,sorrows and problems they are facing in the life.Thus " couselling "became my chosen carrier .

You find your call ,suddenly one day or by doing lot of "pros and cons,struggle to find meaning in what you want to do ,what you can do ,knowing your strengths,discovering your weaknesses and if you get a mentor on your path ,well and good.

I am sure ,the life can not be meaningless,even if someone  has not yet discover why he/she is here on earth.The day of that discovery is yet to come in the  life.Just go on seeking and ask for the right path and a mentor to guide you through your journey.

I hope I  am able to have a meaningful conversation through this dialogue in this post.


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