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It say that every one has come on this Earth with some purpose, but how to know it?? And if not known what is the meaning of this life, why do we live this meaningless life???

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Lovely topic Neelam. Yes, we all do have a purpose in life and this is very true.We human beings are different and so are our puposes which are backed by our level of consciousness. Sooner or later we all discover this but it is always better to start earlier so that we could align ourselves with what we are actually made to do.

How to know our purpose in life? Very interesting question, mind boggling though and requires an introspection. To actually start on the right track we got to answer ourselves a simple question- what I can do better than others? And trust me you will get the answer to 'What's my purpose on earth'?. After questioning yourself and making a list of what you can do better than others you would probably be able to list 3 or 4 areas. Then the next question comes from the already mentioned options what you would love to do? To give you a hint, this is something which you would like to do at 3.00 am at night and for this you could forego every other activity. You are ready to jump out of your bed at night and start doing what you love to do, it's so simple.

After answering these two simple questions you would automatically be able to answer- what's your purpose on earth. And this is what makes you different from others.

After searching for 10 long years I was ble to find out my purpose on earth. Sometimes, it is an inner calling which tells you again and again- Hey, what you are doing is not right for you  and this voice will guide you on the right track. This inner voice guided me too and so after doing my Postgraduation in Business Administration I could not satiate the needs of a healer in me. I was made for something else and when I discovered this, there is no looking back. And see today I'm A Reiki Master Teacher, Tarot Reader, Crystal Healer and an Aura Reader. Still I'm learning and doing it with all my love and sincerity. This is something which gives me an inner statisfaction and I really jump out of my bed at night if I got to give healings as this is no more a mundane work for me it is something which is my LOVE, my purpose on earth.

Hope you got me point....I would appreciate if other members give their views on this thought provoking topic.

Oh yes, you are right, one needs to do introspection. thanks.

Beautiful reply, Shanu.

With regards,


a very relevant question.. from the time we step on this earth till the time we relinquish it, from the womb to the tomb, life is a journey, and the fun is in the travel...

on our journey we end up meeting with people, trying to make a difference in the life of oneself and those of others...

the least we can do is to make a change in ourself, and we will find that the world a changed place indeed...

most of all the changes we are looking for are the change that we have to make... when our view changes, whatever we view also changes..  

belief in the supreme being, a cosmic energy that binds us together, makes us what we are.. 

everything in this world has been created for a purpose, and has a meaning.. creation knows and creates things that are required for the specific age.. every life we touch, knowingly or unknowingly, every smile that we put on the face of a weary ones, the love and hugs we share.. small things, these are what makes life pleasant meaningful and the travel joyous.. to love and to share that love is the purpose of life...

" they also serve, who stand and wait ", go ahead and live life.. as far as we know, in the current form and state of being, we only have one life.. to live...

as the learned one said.. when the student is ready, the teacher will come...

when the time comes, for your purpose to be fulfiled, you will know... when the time comes, you will also have made the difference.. knowingly or unknowingly...

till then share the love that you have, of this we have an unending and infinite amount to give, loving yourself first (for we can only give what we ourselves have), and sharing it with all the others who surround you.. a word, a smile, a hug....

the earth will then become a heaven.... 

Oh great, I agree with you, I also have a similar out look of life. Be calm, serene, peaceful, loving and caring, do your bit as and when comes without boasting about it, that is the purpose of you being, instead of thinking and waiting to get some big objective. That is what life is all about. Thanks...
very nice.purpose of life you will find yourself and life is a journey and enjoy each and every moment of your life

Thank you for those wonderful thought inputs, Bertie. I am enjoying reading this discussion.

With regards,


Everyone is born with a purpose and everything happens for a reason. We do not eat without reason and we do not keep even one stone extra at home without a reason, then how can one take a birth without a reson. In this Universe everything is perfectly planned. The Ultimate purpose of every soul is to find the divinity in self removing the illusion. To reach to thsi awareness, a soul travels a long journey ...what we look at is few 60 or 70 years but the truth is the soul has travelled 100s of years to reach to where it is right now. In one similar situation everyone has different lessons to learn and that is why we are here for. To learn ..this Earth is like a school and the soul learns its lessons and tahts why everyone goes through different life lessons...if some one is visibly not headed for so called big purpose, does not mean he does not has a purpose...everyone is moving ahaed at own pace...we cannot undermine anyone's life or purpose...the best way to know the purpose is to ask your inner self...what this situation is trying to teach me..why am I here..why am I doing what I am doing and who I am....being aware of who you are is the first step for your divine purpose...

Learned friends have given their valuable comments on purpose of life.


But I may add in practical manner that purpose of life differ from man to man. This depends, upon personal interest and potentials. What so ever give the absolute pleasure and peace can be purpose of life. In another words, this is meaning to life.

God has given us the right to keep the wish and fulfil it.

There is no purpose of life

We repeat what we are told !

Thanks Sheetal.

With regards,


Same thoughts I harbour, dear Neelam. I have heard that cessation of sorrow and gaining of happiness, which is possible through God-realization, is the sole purpose of human existence. Exploring that idea.



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