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is there an effect of our past life on our future? i dont think so! can we have some comments on this issue.

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Newton's third law - Every action has an equal or opposite reaction. 

You are made of energy and your body is a dense form of energy. You (energy body) are constantly interacting with othere energies and creating reactions. All actions and reactions are present in the Universal Energy Field and all need to be balanced.
If in this life you have been breaking hearts, in another life your energy will have to balance itself by being on the other side of the exchange -- getting your heart broken. As a soul you may chose to balance the energy in any which way, the choice is yours but the energy will have to be balanced.

You are not the physical body you are Soul and the Soul creates bodies for itself to carry out its energy balancing (Karma). When your energy becomes pure and balanced (Nirvana) your Soul will not need to create any more lives for itself and will be one with God/Supreme Soul.

Your reality is too powerful and as such you always have free will but for that you need to be in touch with your Higher Soul.


There is a chain of action and its effects.

If some act has been performed in past life, it will have its effect on the future.

This is the tenet of Law of Karma. 

The output of past karma which could not be materialized in past would remain in balance. Such balance rewards are called Sanchita Karma. Out of this stock, there are certain Karmas which are ready to deliver the rewards in the concerned life. This bunch of Karma; ready to deliver rewards in the particular life are called "Prarabdha

However, let us not forget that the drama of life is not just a mechanical play of Cause and Effect. In fact the cause and effects are instrumental in realization of a core purpose. This core purpose is Evolution. At macro level it is a cosmic system that pushes Evolution of the Human Race. At micro level, it compels the inter-play of lives of individual souls in such a way that while they settle Karmic dues with each other they learn lessons in furthering the evolution of individual psyche in accordance with the overall evolution of Human Race as a whole.

There are many case studies wherein it is very clear that the incarnating soul designs its own course to proceed ahead in its evolution towards perfection of psyche and accordingly selects such pairs of parents who would naturally provide complementing conditions. 
This theory can also get support from the promise of Lord Krishna to Arjun where He promises that the Sadhaka will be able to lead ahead in the next life from where he has left his Yogic Sadhana..!
Thus, the journey of a soul through lives has to be seen in combination with :
  • Overall process of evolution of psyche towards perfection in all divine qualities
  • Settlement of dues while learning through other souls
The pain experienced through events and interaction with other persons is only instrumental in development of higher qualities and settlement of karmic dues.
The irony is : Play of free will during the journey.
With the intelligent interactions during the journey, the soul creates new Karma and in a way, his original incarnation plan gets extended or shortened. However, this interference would always be within the purview of overall cosmic scheme of  evolution of human race on the earth. If we see with a macro perspective of chain of lives, the power of free-will remains very insignificant. 
If we take the cosmic system approach, yes even children would have bearing on the free-will of their parents. The evolution of related souls is organized in such a way that it takes along the evolution needs of the souls that are destined to incarnate in future..!!
Very interesting networking..
However, if one takes everything into consideration, a simple philosophy can be evolved.
This is to : Live Life with utmost Joy without deliberately hurting others. In the face of lac of knowledge about the happenings whether they invoke fresh karma or a kind of repayment of old dues, it is a mistake on safer side to react to events in a way that your action would settle some of the outstanding karmic dues..!!
Hope, you would find this convincing..!

Yes indeed , but the trick is how to play the free will in the journey . Of course Gita  answers it , but the play of cosmic Maya - the EGO does not allow one to grasp the REAL meaning and INSIGHTS to enable most to learn the HOW TO DO IT  ? 

Will be nice if you could also share how to get one's  EGO out of one's own  way to dissolve the past Karma while  not accumulating the new ones. 



Gautama Buddha : Eight fold path of Right action 

Distinguish between those who understand and those who agree.

He who understands the Teaching will not tarry in applying it ; he who agrees will nod and extol the teaching as a remarkable wisdom, but will not apply this wisdom to his life.

There are many who have agreed , but they are like a withered forest , fruitless and without shade.Only decay awaits them.

Those who understand are few , but like a sponge they absorb the precious knowledge and are ready to cleanse the horrors of the world with precious liquid.

So kindly  teach  how to , to all.

god bless 

The easiest way to get Ego out of the way is to REALIZE that only ONE exists ....that there is no OTHER.

That all are part of the same Soul and the only things separating you from the others is your skin.

Since all are ONE there is no higher and no lower. All are at the same level. All are the same Pure Soul.

All are on the same journey of "Being God Again".

When you will take your SELF out of any action....when whatever you do is for the good of all or the collective will not generate any Karma.

Not to worry..

The free-will is not absolute free. 

It is being fueled all the time by the memory of the past lives. Ego has the flavour of aggregation of all the experience and the lessons learned. In day-today sense, we refer this to attitude. 

There is nothing like Maya in the scarring sense that our Scriptures make us believe. These are just the conditions of the world. The constraints are not really constraints but the tools to adapt to the environment of the world. Let us take an example..We all know that the astronauts have to perform through different tools during their voyage in the space. Special space suite to defy the difference in force of gravity, breathing apparatus, communication network..In a way, one can say that the liberty of the astronauts is hampered .. However, do you think these tools are constraints ? No... they facilitate the voyage.. !

The same way, we have special tools (Senses, Mind, Heart, Body etc.) to explore life on earth.. So come out of the sense of Guilt about Maya

Tell me why do you want to forego the rewards of your past karma ?

Yes, past karmas of previous life do affect our lives but it can be reduced by some positive and right thought and actions in our present moments. We can erase past karmas also to some extent.

Dinesh sahay


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Thank you for informing me.


dinesh sahay


Yes, Our past karmas & beliefs generated due to it affects future.

For more understanding, Do read Book, "PAST LIVES, FUTURE LIVES REVEALED" (Dr.Bruce Goldberg),

"Miracles Happen" (Dr.Brian Weiss)

Visit website

- Dr. S.Ranjan


Definetely there is an effect of past Life on future.To reach highest level of realisation the soul has to gradually disconnect from worldly attachments.This process is not resticted to one birth.It may take few births to achieve that.Therefore any attachment that we carry forward will tend to affect our future actions.The faster the soul achiever the consiousness the leesser will be effect of past on future.


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