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Question: What is your vision of Therapy in the future?

Osho: It has a tremendous potential to replace all the religions of the world, but it is not going to become a religion itself. Its function is to destroy all that religions have done to man. It is a very suicidal work. Once you have destroyed all that religions have done to man, and man is healthy and whole, therapy is needed no more. But it has to be done. It is just like a medicine. You are sick, you need a medicine, and when you are healthy, you throw the bottle out of the window.

Therapy has to do something very great, but if it succeeds, that will mean the end of therapy too. And therapists should be proud of the phenomenon that they are not replacing any parasites, they are simply deprogramming humanity. Their work that of a cleaner who has cleaned the place and now his work is finished. There is no need. Humanity can be absolutely spiritually, psychologically healthy. 

Just we have to destroy all the hindrances that are preventing man to be healthy and whole. So therapy has a great future in the sense that it can destroy all the religions. It can deprogram people. But it has also to remember that there is a temptation always of reprogramming people. That has not to be done. If people are reprogrammed, then some other therapy will be needed. Then you have replaced the priests; you have not changed the course of human evolution. You have not brought a revolution in the world, but just a small change. Now the priest is replaced by the therapist.

I don't want my therapist to replace these ugly monsters who have destroyed, for millions of years, all joy, all life, all love, that every human being is born with. Cut their roots. Make man free. And feel blessed that you are not getting tempted to take their place. So may therapists particularly have to remember that other therapists are going to take the place of the priest. They have already taken. The psychoanalyst is the new priest, and he is safeguarding the vested interests. He is already doing that. And he can do it better than any priest because he is more aware of the workings of mind.

But my therapists' work is really great and dangerous. Great, because we have to destroy all. We have to undo everything that religions have done to humanity. And then, your work done, you feel contented, relaxed. You can become a gardener, you can become a farmer, you can become a woodcutter. If my therapists succeed around the world, then soon there will be no religion, and then there is no need of any therapy.

Okay, Veeresh?

Source: from book “The Last Testament, Volume 2” by Osho

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