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Money & Spirituality - A Debate That Can Earn You A Prize Worth Rs. 7,500 !


"The bitter truth “when you don’t have sufficient Money Flow, nobody loves you, neither your mother nor yourself “ - Suresh Padmanabhan (Money Guru, Author of International Best Seller "I Love Money" & Creator Of Money Workshop)

Money causes most people more emotional problems than almost any other life issue. How many times have you heard that "Money doesn't grow on trees", that "Money is the root of all Evil" or that anyone who is rich must, by definition, be either a crook or extremely hard and tough?

Most people have extremely negative associations about Wealth and Money that were gained subconsciously whilst growing up.

The issues that arise around money for those on the path are two: worth and guilt. For many the willingness to be embodied, the risk to be visible that is life, the unraveling of conditionings around self value, are all reflected in 'living on the edge' financially. Coupled with this is an understanding of the injustice of modern economic systems, a love of all mankind that refuses plenty in the face of poverty. In the first case, regarding self-value, many strategies are available through modern psychology and modern teachings to confront and heal these wounds. In the case of the latter, misunderstandings abound.

For many there is a misunderstanding: 'If I am truly spiritual I will not have to deal with the world.' But you are spirit manifesting as form on the material plane, and therefore the opposite is in fact true. If you are truly spiritual, you will celebrate the world and find ways to live that reflect your joy.

These issues are complex and multidimensional. We have only touched on them. We invite you to participate in a debate here on this forum and give your views.


The best contributor to this discussion will win a seat worth Rs. 7,500/-  in the forthcoming Money Workshop on 9th & 10th April 2011 at Delhi!


The judge ?

None other than "Money Guru" Suresh Padmanabhan himself !  So start contributing right now !

The Debate closes on 5th April Midnight!!!

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Debates or Arguments have no limits.They can be endless.This is an interesting topic to discuss as both the things go hand in hand. SPIRITUALITY is a style of life in which we live life in oneness with existence, It transforms our personality,our relationships,emotional and professional life,our creativity and enhances our sense of being; unconditonally secure,cheerful and happy. It ensures abundance of everything-happiness,love,sucess,wealth,creativity&gratitude. MONEY is necessary but not the sole ambition of life, what is needed is BALANCE. A spiritual person is a balanced  person.They have to be  balanced, only then can one attain the height of spirituality-ENLIGHTENMENT(awareness of the inner light). A balanced person needs no debate. He believes in living life as it is. Money might be needed only for his/her social responsibilities. An awared person has no desires, requirements, wishes, greeds left for him/her self. What he needs is an easy free flowing life. Grow up with age. Mature as time passes. Learn from your experiences. Enjoy every moment.

Love to all.


Without money indeed is no life  in todays world bt if its mixed with spirituality then indeed the defination is changed....if it had been earlier in yug of ramma bt in todays world spirituality is a source of earning money as there r lottttttttttsssssssss of examples that exists today.... so if earlier case is taken spirituality is above all in itself a way that makes person internally happy and contented and he indeed needs nothing more in his life...  bt if todays world v describe spirituality dosen't exists anywere.....only people r concerned for themselves with no humanity and running for money....

Dear Archana,

Your comment that people are only concerned about themselves and that humanity doesn't exist.....everybody is running after money gives me an idea that either you have been hurt in your life by such people or you haven't yet met people who are working for the upliftment of the society........and this gives them true happiness. Have you heard about Dada Vaswani....if not you should read about him. The very good example is Mother apostle of love. So many others dear....this Universe is full of pure souls and trust me you'll find these people around you only if you are positive enough to feel those vibrations..... I wish you all the best in life and may God shower on you His blessings so that you get enough love and peace.


Lots of love and light to you.

Everything is energy and like everything else money is also energy and the beauty of the money energy is that it is so versatile... Its a means of exchange and saves us from the hassles of barter system :-) If we look at it its a very simple thing... The problem arises when we attach so many thoughts and judgments with it and those are coming from our deepest subconscious mind.. The more we go deeper in our understanding of money we realize more about ourselves.... This discussion forum is to help those who choose to participate in it ... understand more about their own conditioning of their own minds.. Its the best mirror for us to see our true self.....
Money is on everybody’s mind these days - mine too ;) , with the course fees of The newage foundation (they are feels to attend all) and Muskaan’s Demand (my daughter), it’s difficult not to be focusing on money.
It’s very easy to be spiritual when you have an abundance of money in your bank account and you don’t have to worry about buying the necessities. It’s a lot harder to focus on spirituality when you are working sixteen hours a day just to be able to buy groceries for the week, pay to maids, or buy your kids new shoes. Money becomes our priority at this point.
Nowadays it seems that most religions are teaching that you can have it all. God (the Source, creator) wants you to have Abundance! And if you don’t have abundance then you’re not keeping your mind focused on positive wealthy healthy thoughts. This approach to money and spirituality is a lot different than the teachings of the Great Masters like Jesus, Buddha, Not to forget Mother Teresa.
They have seen that earthly wealth as a desire and attachment are harmful to spiritual growth.
Teachings in “The Secret” or the Great Masters vary greatly. Within a strictly limited sense both are right. However the balance is extremely hard to maintain. Very hard.
We should have the right to expansion and wealth.
No matter what anyone tells me, making money is hard. It does not come easy to most people including me. It only requires a commitment that is primarily devoted to the outer material world.
I don’t think that money is evil, rather, to build it up it is a major distraction because of the level of focus it requires.
If I set my mind upon the external world, spiritual growth becomes a hobby. If I vigorously dispute this, I ask myself the following questions.
Do I make sure I get three meals a day?
Do I also make sure that I meditate (or pray) three times a day for the same amount of time?
For example Bill Gates and Warren Buffett billionaires who have given away most of their fortune to help others (where was I?). They realized that having great wealth was theirs to share and not hoard. This is the true balance that I want to make every effort for.
Now I have make the spiritual path my primary focus, so I know my abundance is forever. I am not poor in any sense. I am rich in every sense.
Also I know what my true life purpose and priority is. So I never let that balance between spiritual commitment and external effort be undermined. I believe it is possible to be financially abundant while following a spiritual path. Moreover, I feel there is no right or wrong. What are one person's thoughts are another's illusions.
At the end I just want to share the spiritual portions are determined by how we perceive the world and apply ourselves and the material things which are at our disposal. Our ego is the only barrier to achieving greater things.

Well well well !!! To be very frank i haven't read everybody's view here as they all have their own way n experience to convey it and i duly respect it.

Im just a medium here. Money & spirituality are different. In other words to be spiritual one doesn's need money and to have money one doesn't need to be spiritual.

Money is needed only to live in a worldly life where you just own materialistic things.Spirituality is gained my your inner self and inner belief and u also gain "Self-realization" which is why we all are here living many lives until one day will come.

Well, i don't mean that money is not the matter to be looked into but money is just the means of living your life to gain "Self-realization" one day.

It is our belief as to whom we give more preference to - our self or our life !

My hearty regards to all, Love you all.

Thank you.



A Spiritual Hi or should i say Material Hi or both to all participants of our debate. Was reading through many of your comments and felt good by the sheer sharing.


Prince Siddharth left his palace and all material comforts and became Gautama Buddha. Lord Mahaveer was born a prince and left all his material benefits to walk on to the path of Spirituality. These are the two greatest live examples of the clear divide between the material and spiritual.... what have you all to say about this.

wud love to hear original views......

Namaskar to the teacher...

Prince Siddharth lived a life of abundance and his material needs were all fully met when he encountered the four sufferings of old age, death, sickness and poverty. When he saw the lack/decline, he could have become greedy, insecure and attached to material things as so many other kings/rich people have shown through their example. But he chose to let go of the attachment to wealth and the apparent security wealth offers, and ventured out to understand and find a solution to suffering.

On the other hand, had he been born poor or sick could he have made the monumental contribution to spiritual development that he did make.... I don't know. I would like to explore this.

There is a definite distinction between Material wealth and Spiritual wealth. But it seems, the presence of Material wealth clears the ground for Spiritual wealth to arrive.

I guess if the soul is mature it can let go of the attachment to material desires and pursue goals of the spiritual nature. This could be compared to the way chakras are placed in our bodies in an order. The lower chakras are all related to fulfillment of material desires and the higher chakras to our spiritual development. All the chakras need to be in balance for us to be in harmony with ourself and the world, and for our growth to happen.

This growth seems to follow the incremental approach from lower to higher - the material needs have to be met for the lower chakras to be in balance. Once those are taken care of, the higher chakras are easier to work on. But then if one gets stuck in the lower chakras, it is tough to get to the higher chakras.

Those are my thoughts at the moment, however this incremental approach may not always work - would like to explore the life of Shirdi Sai Baba in whose life material wealth did not play a big role. There are other such saints also who were born poor and were interested in pursuits of the spiritual kind from their childhood only and became spiritual leaders. In those cases, material wealth was not a necessary threshold to offset their spiritual journey.

My thoughts are all jumbled up now, why do I feel more confused than before I started writing...


The thought of participation in the debate for winning a seat worth Rs 7500/- in the forthcoming money workshop is egoistic which distracts your mind from following the path of spirituality. The saying that " money is good slave and bad master" is only well understood by a spiritual being. If money is to help eradicate poverty and misery in this world it is only the spirituality which can make it happen.

Spirituality is non material and money is material. Thus money governed by spirituality can establish happiness and bliss in this world


Ideal Four Goals of Human being - Artha , Kama , Dharma and Moksha.

Natural  Progression from One Stage to a next stage should be in a  liner progessive manner.

Quantum Jumps also happen , depending on Individuals past life and Karma.

This explains Gautam Buddha &  Lord Mahavira ,  renouncing princily life in search of enligtenment.

Spritualisms main Goal is to find Peace, Happyness, Joy and Purpose of Life in the Inner Releams of Human Body, Mind and Spirit.

Materialism also Seeks the similar Goals through Outer Releams of Worldly existence.


Seekers of Joy , Happyness & Peace in Outer Releams ( ie Materialistic World ) have found out that all this is Temporary.


Whereas Seekers of Joy, Peace & Happyness in Inner Releams ( i.e Spritualistic World ) have found it to Permanant. 


Why is this so ?


Because you can Control  & Direct yourself and your own Inner Mind more effectively.


In the outer releams thier are various factors that one can't control and thier behaviour becomes undeterministic, ( According to Mathmatics ,  i.e Therory of Probability )  that leads to results contarary to expectations and hope, leading to despair , hopelessnes & Misry. 


Therefore if one makes his pursuit of  Material Life as a Sub Set of Spritual Life ,

Their is NO Dishormony and NO Confusion.


and  if pursuit of  Material Life is done with Exclusion of Spritual Principles of Life,

then Dishormony & Confusion will  come up (  ie Switch gets  ON ) in ones Life. 


Money accumulated through unfair means will never give you any permanant Joy , Peace and Happyness.






Om tat sat

I like your explanation, thanks for sharing. I do agree that the only thing over which we have power is our own mind, but it takes a lot of discipline and mental clarity to do that and once we can do that, we shall be able to control the material world also, as whatever is outside is a reflection of the inside. As within, so without.


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