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I read this profound statement and have been thinking about it ever since..

"We need to teach the next generation of children from day one that they are responsible for their lives. Mankind's greatest gift, also its greatest curse, is that - we have free choice. We can make our choices built either from love or from fear."

-Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

I would love to have your views on this :-)

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Often times we think that other people or situations makes us feel HAPPY or UNHAPPY but in reality it US ... Who have choice to be HAPPY or Unhappy ..No one can make us feel anyway ... We are born with FREE WILL .. WILL to BLESS our own life how we feel, think and act or WILL to CURSE our life how we feel, think and act ...Blessings and Gratitude ~~ Mona J.
Sure thing Mona....u r dead right, and yet, how we allow ourselves to go any way that life takes us.
Free will is not a curse but its indentification/superimposition with six ripus are the real cuplrits/hinderences at human level of functioning

until and unless we align our will with the Divine will we will not be able to use effectively our free will.Yes, we are all blessed with with free will but this very blessing can become a curse if we forget that ultimately we it is the divine will which prevails


While i agree with Kubler-Ross' statement in my heart, i wonder and wonder as to what is exercising Free Will....what is it that makes us think or do what we think and do. Sure, we may believe that we are making a choice, almost every moment of our lives, but are we that conscious...doesn't something stronger than us pull us hither and thither? Don't we get emotionally drawn, pulled, cajoled, influenced as much as we'd like to exercise what we call Free Will? Do we really exercise it? 

My response, an honest one would be, to continually train ourselves toward a more conscious being of self...and that in itself needs a strong, iron will. I suppose the more conscious we become, the more capable we are of using our will..even so there would be a myriad influences that come at us nonstop, to wreck our inner equilibrium. Training, training...and a strong discipline, inner and outer.

I keep wondering, why what happens, happens, that which appears to be out of our control, and then there's always the choice, no, it's not a curse....yet, unless one even attempts to stop oneself from a conditioned response, there is no way that one will NOT get swayed. One can spend one's entire life pondering upon this condition, or what you call quandary of fate versus Free Will. One make the journey fun though :)



hmm I agree with you Kamalini - in each moment there are a thousand choices we could make and yet we choose one thing and keep wondering about the outcomes.. 

Children learn through example - if the parents are blaming things on others and circumstances, that is what the children will learn - no matter what we try to teach them through  words. Free will is not a curse - it is a gift..without free will we would be zombies suffering/enjoying our karma with absolutely no control over it - the steering wheel would be in the hands of destiny or whatever we call it and we would be slaves to it.

Free will is what allows a criminal to change into a man who serves and inspires society, or to stay in the same realm. Two men grew up in the same abusive family environment - one grew up into an alcoholic and broke man exactly like their father and the other grew into a responsible adult and a doting father - both were asked why did they become like that and both answered - that that was the choice they had!

The good thing about free will is that we can start using it whenever we like - it is never too late - we all have our curriculum to learn - sometimes we learn in the first go and go to the next class, sometimes we fail and repeat the class several times.. but that's okay, the Universe is in no hurry, there are no deadlines to meet,,it's just that things become easier when our choices made from love, rather than from fear or hatred...


Free will is the greatest power that the humans are given, If you don't use it others will pounce on and grab it.Authoritarians have been doing it, the media is doing it and the show goes on. The luminaries and the leading lights have shown us the way what free will can do.

God has given us free will to adjust the mind to bring the whole  of it close to God , or to remain turned away from HIM. The worldly man choose the lattter alternative and thus his own mind become his worst enemy , tormenting him with desire and craving, love and hatered , likes and dislikes. In the case of the wise man , the whole mind is close to GOD ; it is luminous with the knowledge of the indwelling omnipresence.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Glamor of the market is too dazzling for the youth. Its a daunting task to turn away the attention, unless the elders lead by example and create a buzz.


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