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Is it OK to fall in love with another man/woman after you're married?

Love is magic.....and if it happens with someone else after marriage it is considered taboo. It does happen at times but is not spoken about though it doesn't mean you don't love the one you're married to.

Should it happen or not is not the right question as when one is in love....he/she is.....Question then comes does marriage takes away the right to love someone else? When I say love someone else I'm talking about love between a man and a woman which is not necessarily corporeal.

Let's discuss this topic openly.....

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Ofcourse yes.....

you can have more than one soulmate in one lifetime


some are karma based

some you chose to for learning

everything is okay

there are no rules excpet unconditional love

be free of judgements

everyone has their own truth which is true

creation is infinite, you are infinite, so all our ways are infinite!

blessed be!

Love in itself is always pure and beautiful...there is nothing sullied or guilty about it. What brings the guilt is the lying and concealing attached to it. None of us can help falling in love at any point of our life ... it is a Natural force over which we have no control ...when you feel it is felt from your entire being (body, mind and soul) that feeling is the closest to experiencing God.

Most of us spend our entire lives without ever falling in Love for real...if you have found it then consider yourself lucky and own up to it with pride and joy....

Hi Ranjna

Your mentioning the feeling from body mind and soul is the closest to experiencing GOD and it should be without guilt feeling, PERFECT.I appreciate.


I just love this topic, I mean there are many topics like this that should be brought up for discussion , but is it that they are too sensitive that people don't even wanna talk about it , and not talking about them rather kills us slowly instead of saving us.

I will post my views as soon as am back here .

Sorry for the sense of anonymity everyone , am new here , just signed up , i hope am welcome?, i have already welcomed myself .

I think if someone has real unconditional love for everyone and blesses makes u reach poornata n shoonyata in life...Love is not an emotion, the being itself is love...the consciousness surrounding us is love...We are in an ocean called Love....If God comes n says, " Beta, I will give you Billions of rupees but take love out of your life." will you Barter it ?? :)


Coming to extra marital love n polygamy

I have heard that having multiple relationships n physical intimacy with more than one person has an effect on Chakras and karmic patterns...n thats precisely the reason why some Gurus advise not to indulge in it in an excess... Also when our energy reaches higher chakras, we do not feel the need of love outside.


Osho speaks on this explicitly but he speaks from a different level- If anyone has any more of gyan..please share on this part....!!!



i love all, now what to do???

Love is unconditional and it flows form a wise man or woman to anyone without boundaries of limitation, but not with selfish or wrong motives. Love is the best powerful tool provided by the God/Universe to the mankind which is the most important for the creation of good events and happenings in life. Let us use this tool for some good purpose of life than for personal gains or pleasures. What is wrong and what is right, is a self belief and that will apply in such a case between man and woman in loving relationship after marriage. Please download the Pdf file and read.

Dinesh Sahay


Hi Shanu

You are on an important issue of human life.  Having extra marital relationship creates a sort of refreshment for both parties indulging but should be in top secrecy.  It gives a boost to you physically and mentally.  

I like we have a free discussion sometime somewhere for the same.



Why cant you have a free discussion here Mr. Hossain ? this forum is quiet free and people are mature enough. :-)

its OK to fall in love with love with some one after one is married - but the real problem is to have someone fall in love with me...

No one fell in love with me before I got married so the chances of that happening now are even less.



is it not the concern of all of us !, if not most of us ! and why to interact more openly ! 


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