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Is it OK to fall in love with another man/woman after you're married?

Love is magic.....and if it happens with someone else after marriage it is considered taboo. It does happen at times but is not spoken about though it doesn't mean you don't love the one you're married to.

Should it happen or not is not the right question as when one is in love....he/she is.....Question then comes does marriage takes away the right to love someone else? When I say love someone else I'm talking about love between a man and a woman which is not necessarily corporeal.

Let's discuss this topic openly.....

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I think it is all right to fall in love with another man/ woman when you're married. If my wife was attracted to another man and fell in love with him, her happiness is the most important thing. If they had a beautiful sexual affair as well, how could I deny her the pleasure and joy?

first of all need to know what is layman language love means just a physical attraction.But love is beyond physical.You can be in love with a person without meeting him. Being in love with some one need not to be shown off.It is upto others how they perceive...but loving a person for physical gratification is not love

Any conclusions by masters here. I need it so that I may decide to fall or start my love. I mean is it possible for one to wait for ok and then love?

Hi all! i recently joined this forum and came across this discussion which indeed looks like a very interesting topic which is less discussed about, but i believe should be discussed. Thanx to Shanu or initiating this topic. 

Before agreeing or not its important to understand what love means for each of us individually....and so are the different responses. For me love means freedom not any bondage only then can one in the fullest way.. i dont know if we name it unconditional love or wat so ever..... and the basic for marriage should be love and not any security or settlement or social status etc. only then can a marriage be lived to the fullest.... its not about what is required for civilised living it is about are we living a fake life in name of civilization? if freedom of thoughts n feelings are deprived then are we living at all?

i believe love is a beautiful and most divine feeling that can never have any wrong intentions for anyone...n it cant be time or relation bound.........It happens we dont push it to happen rather it never happens when we try to push on it and happens even more when we deny it...hahah! i dont understand the whole logic of male or female becoming suspicious and trying to pry into their partners space just to find out if they are having an affair or not...Because even if they manage to keep their partners with them physically by force can they win over their heart n mind? then the question arises what is it that they want its the body or the real connection....the basic nature of every soul is freedom and non of us wants to be judged and if their is someone who loves us in that way then will there be any need to look outside of any relation be it marriage or anything else...i dont think rather then making rules for dos n donts why dont we look for ways which serves good for all.....ultimately everyone is lookinng for true happiness and that can never come by force but understanding and acceptance...

May i know for what?


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