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So you may be wondering what is the real significance of Diwali? While on the outside Diwali is about celebration of light, a fresh start and abundance it also has an inner more ever lasting significance. Diwali is about

1. Celebration of the inner light - igniting the everlasting flame within, dispelling any inner darkness or negativity
2. Fresh start - an opportunity to clean our hearts and minds and start a fresh leaving the past in the past and focussing on the present
3. Awakening to true abundance - recognising true wealth and prosperity comes from within

Diwali is about an outer and an inner Journey and as my Diwali gift to you am offering you the chance to experience the Inner Journey. For the first ever, I will be facilitating healing meditations, live demonstrations and powerful visualisations during the free seminar on AWAKENING TO THE JOURNEY OF HEALING with an introduction to The JOURNEY in Bangalore on 7th Nov, Mumbai on 9th Nov & Delhi on 10th Nov. To book your free place please click

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