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Although, the Law of attraction is a simple concept, it can at the same time feel very difficult to discern, a difficulty, which often arises from our own doings and not necessarily the Universe acting to deprive us of our privileges.

Listed below are some of the possible reasons why the law of attraction concept may not be working for you:

Concentrating Too Much On Thoughts Than Feelings. 

The law of attraction teaches a lot about thoughts becoming reality and the importance of thinking positively especially when thinking about the things we want. Consider the number of things we think about during our waking hours alone, keeping track of them all may generate a lot of pressure and be a bit anxiety-inducing. With the law of attraction, we come to realize how much we are in control of our life so we worry too much and then eventually start to just screw things up.

However, thoughts influence our feelings, and attraction is based on the feelings, not directly on our thoughts. Naturally our thoughts are important. But focusing too much on them can make us feel bad and move us further away from our life targets. Trying to bring up ‘happy thoughts’ in a crappy condition will usually do nothing for us, and affirmation doesn’t work when there is total disconnect between what you say and what you feel.

Visualizing is not manifesting, and it is important to know that frequently thinking about what you  want is not necessary. Although, when it feels good, it can be a powerful tool in your arsenal because it can be great for uncovering blocks and fine-tuning manifestations. Also can help get you in the good feeling space.

How you feel is a very important thing in manifesting your desires. So, always focus on the things that affect your feelings positively. When your thoughts are down, just go ahead and do one of those things that make you feel good. The better you feel, the higher your vibrations get. And the higher your vibrations, the better the attraction. That is why our 3 day Workshop becomes important! You need to work on the root of negativity by creating a subconscious system that is naturally conducive to become a Magnet of All That You Want!

Not Believing Enough In The Concept And Giving Up When Nothing Seems To Happen. 

Often, when we first learn about the law of attraction, we have so much enthusiasm. You know, like first being told you could have anything you want, all you have to do is show that you really want it. It comes with this lightness in our being; the worries completely vanish for the time being, as the whole process starts up.

With time, maybe in a few days, weeks or months, the buzz begins to wear off and then we start to feel, not necessarily bad, but not as infused with energy and shininess as we did earlier. And then, it becomes as if the awesomeness period never happened. We forget the good and just focus on the bad  stuffs. We won’t feel as good no more, so we begin to slow down in our manifestations. Temptations to control and manipulate slide in, which leads to lots of forced action that makes us feel all crappy and stressed.

A good way to counteract this is by working on always feeling good just for the sake of it. From the law of attraction, we learn all about the importance of positive feelings, happy thoughts, and paying less attention to our current situations. We have to keep believing that everything will soon come together for good, no matter how hard things are presently. Don’t always tie the concept in the context of your particular wants. It is vital to always keep a positive vibe, regardless of what you are passing through.

Not Believing That Feeling Good Is Enough And Taking Actions That Make You Feel Like Crap.Attraction is solely based on feelings and actions carry less importance. Although, naturally some sort of actions are involved. For example, in the process of building a business, there are stuffs you are going to be doing. That is, when you have specific goals in mind, there are some actions you will be taking towards achieving them.

Since, we usually rarely do have a clean belief system that will allow us to manifest at our maximum potential, actions can be of added advantage as they can help create an expectation that we will get whatever we want. For which, whatever potentiate this belief is a good thing. The most important thing however is how our actions make us feel; it is about the beliefs and emotions driving our actions.

For example, if you are hoping to meet someone, and you strongly believe it will happen, then it will in some way. Could be through some very conventional means, like at a bar, or in some other crazy way that will make for a great ‘how we met’ story. But then, if it makes you feel good to pursue certain channels to give you some sense of alignment with your target, then by all means, get on with blind date programs, attend singles events and places where you will meet like-minded people. Also throw up a profile on a dating site if you have to. As long, as you are not doing these things because you want to try and control outcomes, or decide the ‘how’.

When it comes to action, it is all about doing the things that make you feel good. The idea of feeling good, and only doing things that make us feel good, can be a tough thing for our logical minds to accept. It just goes against everything we know and have heard about what is necessary for success and getting what we want. We naturally associate success with difficult and unpleasant actions, believing that the light-hearted fun stuffs are for when the drudgery part is over.

So, when we feel things aren’t happening fast enough, we get the idea that we should be doing some things to achieve the desired result. Out of fear and loss of faith, we dive into activities to try and force results through specific channels. In the end, we create an energy that blocks the things, which we cannot possibly conceive. We move towards things that lower our energy and considerably away from the things that feel good.

It is important to be stepped away from the spirit downing stuffs, and always try to do things that make us feel better, even when they feel like a ‘waste of time’, such as a long day nap or watching a funny TV show. From a law of attraction perspective, nothing we do that makes us feel good can possibly be a waste of time.

The Advantage Of Having A Support System Through Attending Workshops

The process of law of attraction entails some degree change of our mindset and the development of greater empowering beliefs. But then, some of the old stuffs still hang on pretty strongly, tending to pull us back into our old way of thinking and being. Your current space is one where the old you co-exist with the new you, and it can be very uncomfortable.

Inside you are enough doubts and troubles to contend with, without letting the opinions of others, get in the way. You read about the concept and related with it, you have experienced some cool stuff that ‘proves’ that it is real. But, it can take longer to feel the truth of law of attraction at the deepest levels of your being, and you don’t want to delay the process any further, by letting other people get into your head, filling you with doubts and discouragement.

It is better to keep your work and progress with the concept to yourself, and only share with people you know resonate with the idea, whether online or in person.

There is a lot to gain with the law of attraction concept and I believe anyone reading this has experienced enough to know there are lots to it. Reaching for the bigger and bolder things can be a challenge, because the bigger they get, the more the resistance surrounding them. Accept that the only thing that can keep us away from our ‘stuff’ is us. Knowing we are the problem is a great thing because it means we are in total control, we just have to tweak things a bit, by following the guidelines, which have been selectively highlighted in the above points. Attending seminars and experiential workshops will be of great help. In the end you will have your own support group of people who attended the workshop with you.

Importance of Attending The Workshop As A Group, Couple or Family 

Can you imagine going through a transformation along with your friend, spouse or family members and creating a permanent support system? This could be a big one!! Everyone gets low sometimes and nothing better than a loved one to gently remind you of the learning’s you had together and the path you chose to embark upon !!

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I feel that the feelings are the output and provide evidence. They are the results of our thoughts and visualisations which are the inputs. If we are feeling good, we are on the right track, otherwise maybe our deep beliefs or subconscious programming is holding us back. So we need to think positive, affirm good things, visualise, meditate, and take action, and judge their effectiveness by the yardstick of feeling good. Ultimately, we need to 'become' the kind of person that feels good most of the time and attracts what one desires. For that, regularity, repetition, practice, formation of right habits are important.


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