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Evolution of the Soul

The souls are evolving all the time. This evolution depends on how fast a soul learns the lessons and goes to higher and higher planes. It may sometimes take several life-times to learn one lesson. As the soul moves to higher and higher planes, it evolves and reaches the Transcendental Soul Stage, where it need not take birth again. It may then choose to re-incarnate to teach others. Such a soul may choose to re-incarnate to help in the evolution of the other souls who are still caught in the cycle of birth and death. The main work done by such souls when they re-incarnate is teaching. They work for creating a shift in the consciousness of the people on earth.

The seven stages of the soul are as follows.

Infant Soul

As soon as the soul is cast out and begins its physical existence on earth, it lacks experience. For this inexperienced soul, physical existence on the unfamiliar ‘earth plane’ itself represents a major struggle for survival. Hence, survival is the primary issue when the soul is in this infant soul stage. This stage is characterized by many fears and they can be easily spotted in a crowd by the frightened animal-like look in their eyes. The basic approach towards the infant is that of avoidance of venturing into the unknown. They are usually born in primitive conditions and are usually found very close to nature, like forest, mountains, etc and their environment helps them to sharpen their survival skills.

Baby Soul

After several incarnations as an infant soul, having dealt with the survival issues and after most of their fears have been overcome, the soul now moves to the next stage called the baby soul age. Now the individual wants a more structured and civilized life and would like to prove that he or she can do it right. The structure makes them feel at ease with the world and their approach to life is that one should do anything right or not do it at all. This makes them seek out higher authorities who make the rules, which the baby souls follow. For example, soldiers, followers of cult, grass root level workers in political parties.

Young Soul

After mastering issues related to survival, structure, discipline and civilized living the individual wants to see how powerful it can become in this world. The driving force for the young soul is independence and the ability to get what one wants from life. Domination is the goal of the young soul and it constantly survives to attain positions of power, wealth, and prominence. The approach of the young soul towards life is always that others should do things their way. For example political leaders, dictators, military leaders, business tycoons, religious leaders, cult leaders, etc.

Mature Soul

By the time the soul approaches the young soul stage, there is uneasiness and a feeling that something is missing. Fame, wealth and power lose their appeal. This signals the beginning of the mature soul stage. The mature soul seeks to know its true identity in relationship to the universe and brings the search. It frequently asks questions like “who am I” and “why am I here.” Mature souls see others as mirrors of themselves and they can, therefore, see others point of view. They become deeply immersed in relationship issues wherein emotions open up and boundaries between people breakdown. Due to this the mature soul stage is the most emotionally intense and trying of all soul stages. The approach of the mature soul stage is to attempt to be unaffected by the action of others. People with complex relationship issues are examples of this type.

Old soul

By the time the soul reaches the old soul stage it begins to realize that we are all parts of one great whole and that we are all interrelated. An old soul perceives the ‘oneness’ in the universe. Old souls have respect for all forms of life and they do not harm others. They are also non-judgmental and attempt to maintain personal integrity in all their dealings with others. The old soul has an approach of ‘you do your thing and let me do my thing’. They do not force their point of view on others. They detach from the emotional intensities of the mature soul stage and are more objective about the ups and downs of life.

Transcendental Soul

Souls are cast out in social groups or entities. When an individual soul completes all its incarnations, it combines with the entity of which it is a part. By the end of the old soul stage, the soul would have completed all the incarnations that are required for its evolution. It then rejoins the entity or soul group. After all the souls complete their incarnations and rejoin the entity, it is called a fully recombined entity. A member soul of this fully recombined entity may choose to come to earth and help humanity in their process of evolution. Such a soul is called transcendental soul. Transcendental souls, when they manifest on earth, usually bring about great social changes and help people to understand that they are parts of the universal whole.

Infinite Soul

Infinite souls are the manifestations of the ‘Divine Source’ or ‘Tao’ or ‘All That Is’. They are the co-creators in the creative process of the Universe. For example: Krishna, Buddha, Jesus.

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Excellent classification

I think it is mind which can be categorized as infant, young, mature or old...not the soul.

sir, mind is also a part of soul. mind is not a part of our physical body. mind stores all the information and experiences of our past lives. brain is a part of our physical body and stores our conscious memory, while mind is a part of our etheric body and stores our subconscious memory.


Thank you Sandeep for a very good writeup on the stages of evolution of the soul. Yes, it takes a very observant eye and clear understanding to see the expression of the soul through the behavior of the mind.

you are right darryl.

wonderful.. Have you read Many Masters and Many lives- Dr. Brian Das

Soul is always in the fully evolved state  and always connected to the divine source .

Soul is just soul - neither old nor new  or any other  description can define it.Stages only indicate  the ladder   of  evolving mental awarness -

In the infinite state the mind is fully dissolved and than what is left is The Source itself.

God Bless

Thank you, that is because there is only one Soul, Atman or Brahaman, as it says in the Ashtavakra Gita,"it is only the body which comes and goes, God always remains." That makes perfect sense as there cannot be any movement in the Infinite, if there is, then it cannot be the Infinite. Pranams.


thank you sandeep for sharing your knowledge. you have presented evolution of a soul in a very beautiful way.

We all are spiritual beings, experiencing human life in physical body. We have lived many life times on earth, before getting our present life. May be 100000 lives or more than that. We have got birth on earth to experience human life and different lessons. And for that we have to go through some particular type of situation to get our experience and lesson in that situation.

A soul has to experience all types of life and all types of emotions. When god incarnates a soul first time, it is given life of stones, mountains, rivers etc. after that it gets life of plants and trees. Then it gets life of animals and then human beings. Once a soul gets human life, it starts performing karma, and according to its karma, it gets its next life.

a soul has no gender, no race. if you are rich in one life, you will have to experience the life of a poor, in some other life. it's all only about learning lessons and getting experience.


The whole thing is very interesting, when the Infinite Source is Absolute, Undifferentiated, which means it has NO PARTS, so where does the soul come from?


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