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January 20th, 2010 by Erin Pavlina         

I’m writing this article in the hopes of preventing people from being ripped off by a common psychic scam technique.  I receive many emails from people who fall victim to this scam and want to know if they
got ripped off or not.  Here is how the scenario usually goes down.

You go to a cheap psychic, the kind that charge like $5 or $10.  You think, “What the heck?  It’s only a few bucks.”  You listen as the psychic tells you astoundingly accurate things about yourself.  But at
the end of the reading, this con artist tells you that there is a dark
energy around you, that you are cursed, or that something terrible is
about to befall you, but for $200 they can remove this dark energy/curse
and heal you.  Frightened, you pony up the money, the “psychic”
performs a flashy ritual (chanting, candles, arm waving, etc.) and tells
you that you’re cured.  Or she might tell you to check in with her in a
week to see if the energy is clear.  If you actually do go back to her,
at the next meeting you’ll be told the negative energy is much stronger
than she thought and it’s going to cost $3,000 to clear it.  It’s at
this point that I hope you have a moment of clarity and call the police on her, but sadly some people do fall for this scam.

The people who write to me say, “But she was so accurate.  She told me all kinds of things about my life that were true, so why wouldn’t I trust her that I was cursed?”  And that’s why this scam works. 
Sometimes the con artist is actually a gifted psychic but is simply a
darkworker, using her real abilities to scam people out of their money
because it’s easier and faster than giving a real reading one time to a
client she may never see again.  In other cases, the person isn’t using
intuitive abilities at all but is instead using cold reading techniques
to fish for information and make claims that are pretty much true for
everyone.  You must be on guard for this.

I was telling someone on our discussion forums recently that in the more than 1500 professional readings I’ve done for people, I’ve encountered perhaps a dozen or less people who were actually being
“haunted” by a negative energy or had a negative entity attachment.  In
all cases, I taught those clients how to clear the situation on their
own and had them check in with me in a week to make sure it was gone,
all at no extra charge.  For those who couldn’t clear it on their own, I
cleared it for them at no charge.  If someone is actually being
haunted, it’s best if they use their own power to clear it, otherwise
they’re giving their power away to the psychic or the thing haunting
them.  I empower people to raise their vibration so negative energy
sloughs off of them.

You may be thinking, “I would never fall for something like that.  I wouldn’t go to a cheap psychic.”  Watch out for the freebie too.  Sometimes these con artists will go up to people in a crowd like at a
mall or grocery store, selecting people they believe to be gullible or
low in personal power.  They’ll say something like “The spirits are
telling me you’re having a rough time in life right now and I just
wanted to tell you that things are going to get much better soon.”  The
mark, sensing no scam in progress because no money has changed hands
says, “Why  yes, I am feeling challenged.  Life is so hard.  It’s all
out of control.”  The con artist reels you in with more generic
information designed to get you to trust them (after all, they’re not
getting paid) and at the end tells you that your big problem is this
curse or dark entity attachment and that they feel sorry for you.  You
say, “Oh my goodness, I didn’t know.  Is that something you can help me
with?”  The con hedges a little and says, “Um, well, yes sure.  I mean I
could clear that up for you in a few minutes, but I charge $200 for
that service.”  You eagerly fork over the cash and you’re done, conned
hook, line, and sinker.  You tell your friends what happened and they
tell you that you got scammed.  You protest, saying, “No, he didn’t ask
me for any money, he just gave me a free reading and I was the one who
asked him to clear the curse for me.”  It’s too late.

A reputable psychic empowers her clients and conveys honest information during a reading.  An ethical psychic does not use fear to control her client into spending more and more money with them for false
rituals, charms, and curse removal.  Be cautious and aware out there. 
Reputable psychics will charge a fair price for their service based on
skill and demand; not a super low price designed to get you on the hook
for more expensive services.  Get referrals to a great psychic from
people that you trust.  Read testimonials to help determine if a psychic
is legitimate.

As in any industry, there are real professionals with real skills out there using their abilities for nefarious purposes.  Be on guard so you don’t fall victim to this common psychic scam.  In the process, don’t
assume all psychics are frauds, charlatans, and scam artists.  Find a
psychic aligned with the light, who seeks to empower you to make good
decisions that will benefit you and humanity.   

This has been a public service announcement from your friendly,  neighborhood psychic. ;)


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agree 100%

Just had a similer experience and got ripped off!


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