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After 2012 earth is shifting towards a higher dimension, 5th dimension, dimension of pure love and oneness. lower frequencies will be banished, like negative emotions, that carry a very low or slow vibration. this is the detoxification period of mother earth and souls, so that their frequencies could match the 5th dimension frequency.

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good question. i personally dont feel a drastic shift happening in a day. i feel ascension is a process, it may take years for the new energies to fully intergrate themselves into all areas of earth. most/some of us are already living in the 4th dimension..but acessing to the amount our consciousness allows us to.


at the same time, ive started to observe a deep sense of peace and stillness all everyone is pacified somehow beneath the appreaing chaos. more people are enjoying the 'space within'.


the vision of the planet being green clean with no sign of duality/negativity, people without bodies only floating as light and consciousness, taking bodies if they wish to for the please of food or sex, krishna/christ consciouness everywhere..we're the one's intergrating that into our systems, beautiful loving animals.. basically paradise. so that may take some time..may be thousand years or more.. according to me or more.. but it would very well happen. one can only hope for it to happen sooner! :D

then we are also looking at open etraterrestrial contact and all of us living in harmony like brothers and sisters, evolving together. so that's great.. beacuse people really need to be aware of life on sirius, plieadias, arcturus, lyra, many. i can't even name! humans are evolving in galactic beings for this solar ascension.



at the moment people around the globe are waking up, more and more everyday..even your own friends and family resonate somehow with new energies..lovin it! lots of people living off the grid.. without the money system.. growing their own in harmony with the planet..and we'll have oragnic community farms, renewable sources of energy.. all pretty common ..everywhere..even delhi..  i see this in our lifetime itself. so definately a great shift happening. we're all living here to master the evolution process, to anchor light, to grow spiritually tremedously during these times. quite lucky!


here is one of my favourite videos from one of my favourite people~

i like the practical approach to paradise (which is almost like how its going anyway as ive already met military people quitting their jobs n wokring for solar power instead :O :) )



peace be with you.





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