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This video talks about our truth and why is it important to face and accept ourselves completely

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Comment by Shiva's Abode on June 26, 2013 at 3:40pm

Hi Dr Vikas Khanna....

I like you insights... and we have our principles and teachings on similar grounds.\

Please take a look at the video i Just posted on Yin-Yang as the principles of creation.


"I love you through myself and through you I worship myself"

Comment by DR vikas khanna on December 14, 2012 at 11:09pm

Good gives existence to the bad, just as 'i' gives birth to 'you'

If  SIVA  is cognizant of his good and bad, than he is not siva , or unified,as he is still  still caught up in duality

By accepting our darker or lighter  side, we are making sure we oscillate  between darkness and light, what we are and what we want to be!

Lastly what is this ' self' , a lot talked about, I am curious to know.....not the definition thrown by holy or erudite

people. Can any one honestly answer that if the 'self' exists, apart from the knowledge of self

And one day one hopes to be one with it , isn't it creates the division and aims for union (which was always there)

And interpreting mythology  is another effort of thought to continue its momentum, good to get audience though, but being a product of past(knowledge) , can it ever touch the  living present?? or the truth??

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