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What happened to love? Everybody is looking for love, but the world is full of hate. With love something ...

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Comment by jai sherring on December 24, 2010 at 7:49am
It is true that society or an establishment works to establish its value system through imperatives. The masses do not question the basics of the system and that could be the answer for  many false values finding their way into the social fabric. Love and hate are the two extremities of the spectrum of emotions that empower us. Since hate is a carryover from our barbarian era, it is deeply embedded and is disguised in most of our actions to serve as the accepted modes of transactions. It lives as it does not seriously cause harm to the sanctity of the system. From there springs all the human drama. Love comes as an evolutionary outcome. It is the most sought after end game and thus  highly cherished. It is the driver of growth in general. Love denied is existence denied.

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