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Why we resist the POSITIVE not the negative... resist love, joy, success, abundance, and so on ???


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Comment by V P SINGH on February 2, 2013 at 11:47pm
One has to explore the nature of the Mind and Self. Mind is a store house of impressions collected in this life and previous life. These impressions (memories) have been collected from our surroundings, family members, friends, society, teachers, Print media, and electronic media, our own experiences, emotions(positive / negative) gathered etc
Resistance and liking depends solely depends on the basis of impressions we have gathered.
When one undergoes beyond mind thru any meditation system and discover his real formless self, then a new understanding pops up in you that I am different from mind ( the store house of impressions / memories / emotions etc) stored. At that time one also discover that real content of “I” is same in everybody but manifestation is different ( on the basis of individual mind). The moment you discover the unseen wires of oneness, these divine qualities of love, joy, success , abundance starts flowing outside from you and after that you also starts rejoicing these qualities spreading out from other being also.
There is one more dimension which is beyond “liking” & “resistance” that is seeing the “is”ness in the external world. Budha used to call it “Tatatha”. This practice gives further higher level of understanding, exploration of the nature of the material world and distinction between the Seer, Scene and Seeing.
With best wishes


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