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Your true nature is love. Anything else you become will not be your true self.

We are made up of 5 elements and mostly everyone knows this and our body is a condensed form of energy. We are run by that energy through our energy chakras and the consciousness is our soul. Which is the spark of God. Thats our composition but what is soul made up of? What is God made up of? What are these 5 elements made up of? What is this Universe made up of? Why was this Universe created ....when we start searching for the answers to these questions..we come down to one point that is love..we all are made up of love..and our true nature is love and that is why whenever we experience the slightest hint of love we are our happiest..a child is happy when he is focused on his mothers love and vice verse..a person who has forgotten how to smile when experiences love becomes happy..same world starts looking more beautiful..everything is same..just a tinch of love has made things its the magic of love..we all have a tendency to merge back into our origin and sub consciously we all want to move to our origin, a river will always flow towards ocean...a child finds solace in mothers arms..same way..true nature of everything is love and if you become anything else, you go away from your true self and that is why you are not happy. However, when you become love, your nature becomes love then everything else also starts flowing towards you. Because everything else also has true nature as love and they also want to merge into their origin that is love. Every thing would be drawn to you. You will become a magnet as you will become love as everything and every being wants love. So become love, if you become anything else it will not be you.

Sheetal Jain is a Life Coach & Workshop Facilitator

She Leads A 1 Day Workshop "You Are Free To Be Free - Absolute Freedom" At The NewAge Foundation

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