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You live your life everyday not in years. Except few incidences, you dont even remember what you did some 10 years back.

We do not live life in years. I may have some visions about life but my contentment of living is in what I have been able to do today. I do not know if I would live for so many years to see what is happening after that. Same way, if we look back, we do not remember what we did some 10 years back or some 20 years back except few incidences. People are worried about what happened in their past lives but if you do not remember what happened one month back, what would you do with few 100s years old life? Its very easy to say that leave behind your past and do not worry about future because we all know that is the way to live but our past experiences haunt us and influence our day to day life. Its not a book also that tearing away one page would remove the contents from the life. However, who said that go and read the book again..its not a book...every day is a new print edition and every day new things happen. Look forward to what you will be doing today and in every moment, what you are doing. If you are eating in that moment just eat. The only way to remove past is to live in the moment. If you actually wanna look back then look back and see how much do you remember from your past and how those incidences have been effecting you. Are they actually influencing your life or just your mind. This Universe has a rule, its like your home, whenever something completes its purpose, you will not find it, like at home you throw it in garbage, here also it dies. The things in your life also dont matter except you keep clinging to them. So do not live your life in years, life your life every day because that is all you have. Time was created to claim ownership over one more thing or else everything is in now.

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