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You are free when you know yourself as nothing.

I am a doctor and I have to act like one. I am 40 years old and I have to act like a grown up. I am no longer a child, so I cannot wear cute clothes. I am a student, so I have to study. I am their son so I have to respect my parents. I am this, so I have to act as per this thing. I am rich and hold that position, so people should listen to me. I am a customer, so the waiter has to serve me and respect me. We all play different roles in the society and we identify with them so much that we forget who we really are and we keep playing different roles. We are different with wife, different with boss, different with children, different with the waiter. We play limitless roles as per our mental conditioning but the problem happens when amidst these roles we forget who we are. For once, try to become nothing and just enjoy your being, forget who you are and what responsibilities you have as per those roles. You do not need reason for your being and existence. Stop identifying with everything you feel you have and you feel you own. When man was created, he did not come with any possession, but later on we started possessing, claiming titles and dividing boundaries to smoothen the lives but all these things which were created to facilitate the lives actually have been reasons of all the boundations. So leave everything behind and then you will really be free. When you stop identifying with anything you become everything and then you are absolutely free. Leaving something beind does not mean you go and live in a jungle, it means, not identifying with those things, being detached from those roles and then living your free life.

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