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World of Images and Synchronicity - Ritambhara Nand

Hello Beautiful People,

Welcome to the 'World of Images and Synchronicity'. 

Let me begin by sharing a small story that each one of you can relate to - 

"This is a Story of a person who is going through a Turmoil in Life. Everything in Life seems clouded to her, there is no direction and not even a hope for things to get better. As she is wavering over these sad emotions and confusion, she comes across a person who understands this situation, looks deeper, guides her and most importantly, shows her the way out of this Mess".

Does it seem like a new story to you?

I don't think so... 

Each one of has gone through some tough period in Life. It might vary in Intensity but we all come across Situations in Life when we are forced to Question the Deeper Aspects, and we are Desperately Looking for Solutions ~ 

It is the very 'Questioning' that allows you to understand 'why happiness lead to sadness and what will bring you back to happiness again'? 

This Questioning is very important.

It is this search that lead the Girl (mentioned above) to a 'Tarot Card Reader' in order to find the Answers of Life. 

Continuing the Story...

The Girl did not get the answers that she wanted to hear but she got the 'Direction' or the 'Clue' that would lead her to a better Life. Years pass by and today as she looks back, she feels that some force/God/Universe (what ever you name it) lead her to that room and made her hear 'What was the Turning Point in her Life'. 

So what exactly did the Tarot Cards do?

Tarot Reading allowed her to 'See the Path Clearly'.

Whether she walks on it or not is finally her Choice.. 

But when you Look Deeply and are Guided in a Divine manner, you are always lead towards a Growth and Solution in Life! Trust me on that... 

Being a Vedic Tarot Card Reader, I have received this Universal Guidance so many times as I read the cards for myself. Simultaneously, I have been Blessed to read the Tarot Card for those who came with "Real Thirst for Growth and Empowerment".  

Dear Friends, you might have heard about Tarot Card Reading multiple times, most of you might have experienced a session as well but I am here to Share One Important Element ~

Tarot Card Reading as I have personally experienced it as a Powerful Tool for Self-Transformation. It has added immense value to my Life and Others that Surround me. On this Beautiful Journey called Life, I feel Blessed to Use this Tool for Divination and Opening Myself to Universal Wisdom. 

Further, I use this Wisdom in every other area of Life - Relationship, Money, Work, Self-Growth, Health, important decisions and so on...

If you feel Intrigued by this Perspective or if you feel the need to learn this 'Art of Vedic Tarot Reading', than don't Wait for the right time...

Call Ritambhara - +91 9953559330

Everything that we need to know is being told to us at this moment!

All we need to do is 'Open ourselves and be available to Listen to it fully' 

Follow your Heart ~ Follow your Path

Call me for Personal Tarot Session or if you wish to Learn the 'Art of Vedic Tarot Reading', Click on the Link below -

Stay Blessed.


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