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Another year is done and dusted and throughout the year you had some successes and some disappointments.

Question for you is how will this year be different from last year?

And how are you going to make this year your best year ever?

Chances are there is some area of your life that you would like to improve whether it is your career, finances, health or relationships.

Whatever you want to work on, I encourage you to set clear and specific goals to make this your best year ever because, how can you hit a target you don't even have?

Goals in life are important and everyone knows this. Yes everyone does, but by lack of interest or by choice the average person sleep- walks through life following the lines of least resistance as "wandering anybody" rather than "Meaningful Somebody”. If you want to be a "Meaningful Somebody" setting goals is paramount. We believe that life has no remote, it is up to you to get up and change it yourself. Setting and then working to achieve your goals is what allows you to change your life. Goals will give your life a direction, it will be the juice that will enable you to become a MEANINGFUL SOMEBODY.

The real life story of Michael highlights the importance of setting goals and how it can help you to achieve what once seemed impossible. Here is Michael's story by his daughter and my good friend Fiona's own words:

"In 1989 my father found himself sitting in the bath and realizing he couldn't wiggle his big toes anymore, this lead to a trip to the Doctor, and eventually to this immobility spreading up through his legs as cancer of the spine spread through his body. He was in a wheel chair for a year, putting all his strength into getting better. He was 49 and had so many things he still wanted to do, there were mountains to climb, businesses to be run, the expanse of the sky to marvel at and children to see grow up. I was 9 at the time, and my father made a goal of seeing in 10 more years of his life, to tick some things off his bucket list, and see his youngest child through to adulthood. So he had a grand goal, throw out the wheelchair and see me and my brothers and sisters through our childhood for the next 10 years, send us on our way into the world.

Little by little the wheel chair was left aside, the bed was moved upstairs which required a grueling stair challenge every night, but the reward of a comfortable bed and loving partner to hold him if he made it up. The wheel chair was traded for crutches, crutches for a walking stick, walking stick for running shoes and he was off. Back and better than ever. There was the bucket list to tend to. Michael did the Coast to Coast, coming last the first time, but completing it by himself. He then trained hard for the next year and significantly beat his previous time. There were marathons to run, family to love, picnics in the park to be had. He was a successful businessman, father to 5 children, he began writing a book, taught classics to secondary school children, started a life coaching business.

Ten years came and went in the flash of an eye, then news hit that the cancer had returned. Within 6 weeks of the initial diagnosis it had completely taken over his body and he died on summer solstice 1999. I was 19, he had seen his youngest child through to adulthood. He had achieved his goal."

I hope it inspires you as much as it inspired me and you share it with family and friends to highlight the importance of setting goals and working towards achieving them.

So do not let another minute, day or week go by without living the life of your dreams. Decide and make the most of every single moment. You will face difficulties on your way, but make a decision now that no matter what happens, you will never ever give up the dream of living a life that matters. Decide what you want, why you want it and make a plan to achieve it. BEGIN NOW!

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