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We all dream. We don’t know why. We haven’t investigated why. We simply shrug off dreams saying, “It was just a dream!” While we also know that “just a dream” led to most revolutionary inventions in the world. In fact, Einstein’s study of relativity has a lot to do with “just some dreams”. Nothing in this universe happens without a reason. And a persistent, meticulous daily effort of creating visual, auditory, kinesthetic web of virtual reality so great that absolutely feels like reality, cannot be without a purpose. But since this wonderful tool, dreaming, is given free to us, we tend to ignore its value and deem it useless.

As a child, dreams fascinated me. I wondered who creates them and what for. As I was growing up, the importance of dreams unfolded itself. It was 2003 when I dreamt my first “prophetic” dream, so to speak. New to that world of wisdom, I could hardly comprehend the tremendous value of that dream at that time. Things mentioned in that dream started to roll out in “real” life (I prefer the phrase “waking life” because I am not sure what is “real” anymore, perhaps everything is, perhaps everything is not) in a few years. A low period of my life started which was actually a very high period for my spiritual life. It was like I was doing a crash course in spirituality. The physical pain and symptoms subsided as mystically as they had appeared but I was a completely changed person.

I have had many more dreams during and since then - some prophetic, some dispensing wisdom (as in actual class room training!), some experiential education, some downloads (beautiful poems and thoughts and answers to my questions) and some interactions with beings from other realms. I owe a lot to my dreams. However idiotic they might appear to the uninitiated, every single symbolism, word, sound, feeling is beautifully crafted to capture a message to the dreamer. Just because we don’t understand that language, it doesn’t mean the language is nonsensical or without purpose. In words of Rabbi Chisda:

“A dream that is not interpreted is like a letter that is not read.”

Guess who’s sending us those letters? Every day… perseveringly… not caring whether we read them or not.

Dreaming is a grace. It’s a communication tool given to us to access our subconscious, the 90% part of us, unknown to us. Isn’t it an irony that while we know millions of facts about space and distant planets, we hardly know anything about 90% of our own self? That 90% part that drives our behavior, actions and life!

Good news is that we don’t have to be psychic or have supernatural abilities to know what’s deep inside, we need to understand what our dreams are conveying. Going forward, you will see that dreams are not only channel to subconscious but they are a way to access divine consciousness as well.  

Okay, alright, all this is great but how can a layman use dreams to improve his/her life?

Well, over the years I have found a simple process that needs a bit of time investment but the benefits are huge. The process requires a daily journaling of the dreams, however hazy or vague or stupid, every single segment that you remember. The more you write, the more you remember. There have been times where I found myself making a list of events to be noted after I wake up while inside the dream, at the tail end of it! Then you start understanding the language, the symbolism, the patterns over time. Yes, there are patterns. You are constantly shown different scenarios and stimuli that evoke the same feeling in you. These are deeply embedded memories that are ready to be released, if they are no longer helpful or are outright harmful to you. It doesn’t matter how or when these impressions got stored in you, whether in your childhood or past lives. What matters is that if they are not serving you now, you have to release them from your cellular memory. In fact, these impressions, that we are not even consciously aware of, are what contribute to diseases in our physical body. Once you know the negative emotion stored in you towards a person or situation, there are many modalities you can pick from to release that emotion.

As for me, I have resolved many unconscious negative emotions like rage towards people successfully using this technique. When I say unconscious, it means that I wasn’t even aware that the emotion, let’s say rage, was in me towards that person! I was like,”How could I have rage; I am such a calm, peaceful person?” Yet the rage was there. Subconsciously. It may have come from past lives or my childhood but it was there. And it was hurting me. The feelings in dream was real, I could feel those in my bones. You know how sometimes everything is okay on the surface and yet you cannot stand a person for long? That’s what I am talking about. The unconscious stuff. Once I released those emotions, amazing things started happening. Like the person called me up confessing a guilt from past where she shouldn’t have done what she did. I asked her to let all that go as it didn’t matter. Funny thing is I wasn’t even (consciously) aware of the incident she narrated! With all that behind us, our relationship is at its best now, there is no effort in liking and loving each other. And here’s the best part: now I get very pleasant dreams about this person where we are laughing, enjoying each other’s company and are happy. That’s a long journey from rage, I’d say!

Yet, it is not. It’s a very short and simple journey if you know the steps. The same rage (or some other negative emotion) you have stored inside you, that has the capability to hurt you and your health, can be transmuted into love just by understanding what your subconscious is trying to tell you. And your subconscious wants you to heal!

So here’s my message, don’t learn French, don’t learn any other fad language just because everyone else is doing that, learn your own language! That’s one investment that you will be really thankful for.              


Dinakshi Arora       


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