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There are so many people all around us, who are facing tragedies in life. Various people with good deeds, in their present life, are in sorrow, facing financial losses, humiliation, harassment, disrespect etc. They have not committed any sin in their life. Despite they are facing hard luck.

I may technically describe the sin, so the concept may not be diluted, or be illusion, and be misconception.

The sin is act of un-lawful, unethical, un-reasonable, un-justified, and in most of the cases un-accepted by the society. More over which is not truthful act.

The theory I am describing, based on KARMA. KARMA theory believes in re-birth.

There are few KARMAS which give instant result, in short run, few KARMA gives the result in long run, might in next birth. To some extend, we can change our fate, with good KARMAS. Few things can be changed, and few are to be born.The KARMAS which give result in next birth are called accumulatively, as PARGIYA.

This is result of PARGIYA only, good people also suffers, in their present life, due to deeds of their last birth, and so on……………………

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