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When you start defining God in particular words or things or a person, believe me, its no longer God, its a part of your imagination.

I was sitting in a small dhabha (small thatched roof restaurant ) once and was enjoying my lunch with friends. There was a picture of one Indian deity on its wall and I saw that one waiter was bowing his head in front of that every time he was passing from there. Made me wonder, by just putting a picture on a wall makes the wall equivalent to God, how can it be possible. then I realized, its same for everything. We do some sculpturing in a rock and it becomes the idol of God and is worshipped by millions. When we put a picture and the thing becomes God, when we do some hammering and the rock becomes God, how can it be possible until they already were God? If a wooden table, concrete wall or a rock are God then everything is God. So my small mind concluded this big fact. Then I wondered why people say that God will never forgive you, God does not like this or that. Once I remember as a child I was making something in kitchen and I ran to offer that to God. My mom was screaming, you dont do that with God, you need to make meal and offer everything along. But if everything is already God, then it means he is present everywhere too. In that case that food is also God. So actually then I realized, we cannot define God because he is everything what we know and everything else what we do not know. He is everyone and everything. In that case I realized, that if we limit him to one particular person like one of his avatars or things like some idols or some places like temples or mosques, we are limiting our beliefs with our limited imagination. God is neither Hindu, nor Muslim, he is in you and me and in everyone equally, he is at every place and in everything. Live your life happily and have faith that you are one with the God when you do not hurt anyone and when you hurt someone, you are hurting yourself as you both are a part of same God. Live your life with love and expand your love to everything and everyone. Accept everyone as a part of God and thus a part of you. God is everything and God is you.

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