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When a child is born, we feed him with ego and attachment, but when he grows up we blame him of ego and selfishness.

It is a very happy and special moment when a new life enters on earth. The family feels blessed that a new child, someone who would carry foreword the legacy of family has arrived and they feel that they are going to live into this world even after they die through their child. Amazing concoction!!! You load the pure soul with loads of expectations even before it has gained its consciousness. You start loading them even before the birth. You think, its your right as you are bringing this life onto earth. As soon as the child opens the eyes, you say this is your mother, this is your father and you are suppose to serve your parents and we tell them great stories of Ramayana and Gita and pick up many such examples from history on the name of values. However, you are forgetting, while doing so you are feeding him with attachment and ego. You are giving him the sense of big "I" which he would be unable to get out of in future. Now you want him to take care of you but he is so much focused on "I" that he cannot think of anything beyond that "I" and then you blame value and degradation of culture. Look deeply, didn't you give him these values? Instead of that, if you would have taught him the concept of universal brotherhood and family, he would have been taking care of you and the world also. But you were selfish that he should take care of you only, so you are suffering. Second thing, your expectations are putting boundations on him, and things become burden. I am not against the character of Rama, I have lots of respect for Indian culture, but things should happen with free will not as an imposition, why do you want that child to feel guilty if he does not take care of are wrong here to expect..I am not saying he shall not take care of his parents, he should but not as a sense of burden but as a free will..when a child is born, give him pure and unconditional love without expectation and you would receive same in return but if you would give him full of expectations and conditions and ego and attachments, you would receive same...

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