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What to Look For In a Clairvoyant

Clairvoyance or clairvoyant readings are an alleged activity of perceiving the future or events beyond the normal reach of a human’s sensory nerve. Some people might say that clairvoyance is a gift; some might say it is a curse. Whatever side you are on, there are people who would consult clairvoyant when it comes to certain aspect in their life. They may feel like seeking for advice, ways on how to overcome a certain problem or what path to take in the near future. If you are a person who would regularly consult a clairvoyant for help, we have listed down some of the traits and things you might want to look for before settling down with a clairvoyant that you will ask for help in the near future.

  1. 1.     Check their reputation.

Popular brands get their patrons and regular customer from the quality of the service that they provide. They also get new customers because of how it reaches the mass. It can be through social media, it can be a word of the mouth. This principle applies with looking for a clairvoyant or a psychic. You can search for review of their clients online or you can simply ask a regular customer. Through this, you will know how good they are not only with the service that they offer, but also how they take care of their regular customer so they would always come back. You can also check for bad reviews online so you can avoid them.

  1. 2.     Check how they ask their questions.

Listen to how they ask their questions, some of clairvoyants and psychics would often ask vague and obvious questions so they can get over it. “Are you going through a hard time?” is simply too ambiguous because everyone is experiencing it. Telling you that you have an older relative looking after you is also too vague. Let us be honest about it, every one of us has an older relative who are already deceased and are presumably looking after you. Stating and asking these kinds of questions is not a demonstration of a real and genuine clairvoyance or psychic power.

There are some psychic who would try to make things fit for you to reveal things about yourself. Again, this is not a showmanship of a genuine psychic ability and they may be simply faking it. Asking if you know someone whose name starts with a certain letter is a question too general to be accurate.

  1. 3.     Watch out for scammers!

Psychic scammers would sometimes traumatize their customer for you to keep coming back for more consultations. They would tell you that you are under a curse and you need to come back to be ‘cleansed’ and pay them with your hard earned money. Watch out for these psychics, they would make you feel afraid so they can help you with a certain price. They would infuse their readings with a lot of negativity to put you down and to lose your confidence on how you handle whatever is happening with your life.

  1. 4.     A psychic or a clairvoyant should give encouragement.

A real psychic should have the client’s best interest at heart. They would encourage their client to look for an alternative if there is a need to look for an alternative. Ethical psychic value, honor and nurture their talent and are willing to spend time with people.  They are kind and charitable and are normally a part of meditation groups, prayer and yoga. They would teach not only their clients but also other people who would seek metaphysical, spiritual and religious knowledge. They are concerned about the time the client or the customer is spending with them because they would prefer to have them resolved rather than making them come back just to earn more.

  1. 5.     Psychics and clairvoyants should make you feel at ease and comfortable.

Remember your last session with your psychics. They will ask you questions not to initiate fear but to know more about your situation and what you are going through. They will make you feel comfortable and you will feel comfortable with them without forcing it on to you. They should be able to tell you something significant about you from the very start or a thing that not most people know about you. They know how to distant themselves from intimate details of your life and will not push through with asking questions if you do not feel okay with it. They are responsible with the actions that they take and will not take advantage of their customer’s vulnerability. Psychics and clairvoyants are normal people, they just have the talent of tuning out insights that are not available or are not obvious with the rest of us.

  1. 6.     Be sensible. Use your common sense.

There are a lot of psychics readily available online. As what we have mentioned from the first tip, read, research and know more about the psychic that you would like to consult with especially if this is your first time. Online psychics would normally maintain a blog, so you can check the contents, read through and if you find anything that weirds you out, you can go and move on to the next one. Try to be mindful of their names. Follow you gut-feeling. Remember that you will not only invest your money but also your time and attention if you are planning to consult with a psychic. It is better to be safe before jumping in to this kind of commitment. Just always take note that you are asking for their consultation because you are trying to live a better life. They are there to guide you on what path or road to take and what things you need to if you would encounter a bump in your life.

If you think that there are things that we may have missed on this article or there are tips that you would like to add, please do not forget to leave a comment and your suggestions below.

Images by Clker-Free-Vector-Images and Sophieja23 under CC0 Public Domains.


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