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What makes you think that your current belief is the truth?


Until few years back, people who use to sail across use to come back without completing their journey thinking that this world is flat and they would fall after a certain point. Then Mr scientist discovered that this Earth is round like a ball and he also had to face lots of criticism. But gradually all of the supporters of the fact that Earth is flat had to give up. We keep holding onto our beliefs thinking whatever we think is right and we keep ourselves away from the truth. Its true not only for the old people but also for the well educated new generation too. Yesterday when I was sitting with my family, they touched upon a very sensitive topic and were trying to prove that Hindu Religion is the most flexible and other religions are very rigid and were trying to propagate Hinduism. I believe in being human first and I can never see any generalisation. Then I had to tell them, when they are trying to propagate Hinduism, its their rigidity which left them speechless. We just keep believing whatever has been told to us and very rarely we find someone taking pain to go in depth and reason everything. In Vaishya community, there is a famous custom, where you do not marry a person of own Gotra. Now, I really dont know from where all these customs have come. Anyway, in my school, once I asked why it happens and one girl said aloud that people with same Gotra cannot bear children and that is why they cannot get married. Thanks to Biology, all the girls in the class were holding onto this fact till 9th standard until we learned in Biology how children are produced which had nothing to do with caste system. It is just a biological process. We all want to know truth but the irony is how many of us are ready to accept truth. If you are ready to accept then shed away all your beliefs and then see this Universe in new light. Ask yourself why you are doing, what you are doing and then you will embrace truth. Your own belief is a hindrance on the path of truth.

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Comment by Sheetal Jain on September 26, 2012 at 11:21pm

@Dinakar, thanks..I agree totally with you....

Comment by Sheetal Jain on September 26, 2012 at 11:20pm

@Ashok, you cannot know till the time you hold your belief....even if God would come and tell you he is God, you would not believe as you have a belief about him.

Comment by Dinkar D. Palande on September 26, 2012 at 2:47pm

very good write-up. I fully agree that one's own belief(s) is a great hindrance to truth. The reason why these beliefs are held is our respect for the so called tradition, for the belief's our parents and teachers and relatives hold. We should respect them but not necessarily their beliefs. We should examine closely and critically our own beliefs and the evidence if any that could could confirm them.

Comment by Ashok Angrish on September 26, 2012 at 12:43pm

It takes  a lot and needs a shed a belief.....the best is.....knowing...then there remains no scope of believing.

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